ZeusMiner Announces The First Scrypt ASIC Miners To Ship Worldwide

ZeusMiner Announces The First Scrypt ASIC Miners To Ship Worldwide

Hong Kong based ZeusMiner.com have announced pre-orders on the first generation of Scrypt ASIC miners with a confirmed shipping date: Blizzard, Thunder, Lightning and Cyclone. The new ASIC Scrypt mining rigs are available for pre-order now and will ship internationally before May 31st 2014. ZeusMiner’s commitment to cryptocurrencies means that customers paying with Bitcoin and Litecoin will receive a 5% discount.

Zeus bring to the table a ton of experience in the cryptocurrency mining space; having produced highly popular SHA-256 ASIC chips. ZeusMiner’s team has more than 15 years of SoC and ASIC chip design and development experience. For 3 years, they have been providing custom mining rig development, professional manufacturing, and mining farm deployment to their clients.

Lightning, the first pure Scrypt ASIC mining rig, achieves 72-80Mh/s for a $9,999 investment. The rig has been designed with meticulous attention: the four blade design will keep the device cool and producing returns for years. Furthermore, the first 100 customers will receive an exclusive name-plate to mark their involvement in the new era of mining.

For beginners, ZeusMiner’s ‘Blizzard’ produces 1.2Mh/s for only a $199 investment. Alternatively, the more ambitious miner will find the 36-40Mh/s that ‘Thunder’ can provide for just $5,500 great value.

To meet the demand of the public ‘Cyclone’, will be co-released in limited supply. With 18 – 20Mh/s ‘Cyclone’ is a great option for miners that want more fire power then ‘Blizzard’ at an affordable price of $2,999. ‘Cyclone’ is upgradable which means that there is one slot open for another blade to make it into ‘Thunder’. Price of additional blades will be announced in the future.

By implementing the latest technology ZeusMiner is presenting a cost and time efficient truly modular PCB design, the first ever to be produced on a big scale and made available to the public. By dividing the design into two types of boards – the calculation board can be easily replaced when future technologies are available. All miners are equipped with mirror finishing which allows better heat transfer and dissipation.

There is much excitement among the Litecoin community on litecointalk.org. One miner said “This is very impressive announcement and development, very big congratulations to [Zeus]. I note with great interest you are offering to provide the engraved plaque.”

Given this anticipation, pre-ordering is recommended to secure one of the limited numbers of rigs that will be created in the first production batch.

To reward pre-orders, Zeus are pleased to be able to offer discounts for both new and existing customers. For new customers, a 1% discount can be obtained by liking the Zeus Facebook page, or sharing their products. Existing customers have a range of upgrade offers that provide savings of up to $1,500. Customers that have already placed pre-orders for the old ASIC chips will be automatically upgraded by Zeus within seven days, unless a specific upgrade plan is selected. The upgrade plans can be viewed here: http://zeusminer.com/?product_cat=zeusminer-best-scrypt-asic-miner.

To support Litecoin cloud miners ZeusHash will be catering to their needs at http://zeushash.com. To give back to the Litecoin community and thank their loyal customers by increasing their return on investment ZeusMiner will be giving Batch 1 customers absolutely free cloud mining: up to 120% of their original purchased hashing power. Early birds buying a miner before April 30th also receive a generous 100% increase in hashing power.


ZeusMiner are pioneering the next generation of Scrypt mining by announcing the world’s first Scrypt ASIC miners with an unprecedented modular design – with a confirmed shipping date of earlier than May 31st 2014. With ZeusMiner’s 5% discount to enthusiasts who pay in Bitcoin and Litecoin, the launch of ZeusHash.com, the additional free hashing power offered to current customers, and their unprecedented Scrypt ASICs; ZeusMiner are heralding an era of change in the Litecoin ecosystem.

To learn more about ZeusMiner please go to: http://zeusminer.com/

ZeusMiner official litecointalk thread: https://litecointalk.org/index.php?topic=16301.0

ZeusMiner on Facebook: http://facebook.com/zeusminer/

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