Gridseed Blade Miner Available for Preorder at GAWMiners

Gridseed Blade Miner Available for Preorder at GAWMiners

Gridseed Blade miners are available for preorder and will ship April 8th, 2014. GAWMiners announced Wednesday that the brand new Gridseed ASIC Blade miner is up for preorder. It will be one of the only retailers to carry this miner.

The Blade Miner, which costs $2,995, features an official Scrypt hashrate of 5.2MH/s. There are 2 PCB panels with 40 GC3355 chips in each (hashrate of 2.6 MH/s per panel). Also, the panels include their own power socket and USB port. The miner is meant for LTC (Scrypt) mining only.

The new Gridseed Blade miner is equivalent to 16 Gridseed 5-chip USB miners with a total of 140W power consumption. It is compatible with already available software miners with Gridseed support.

People wanting to get their hands on the next generation Gridseed Blade miner can preorder the device on “We are offering 1 year of free hosting & electricity at our server location with all preorders,” says President of GAWMiners, Josh Garza. “In the next few weeks, we will launch an online portal for our customers to be able to login and manage their miners. We’re very excited to bring this kind of personalized service to our customers.” As always, customers will also have the option to ship their purchase to their homes for free.


GAWMiners provides Bitcoin (SHA-256) and Litecoin (Scrypt) Miners at low prices with free same-day shipping. As an additional option, they also offer free hosting & electricity at their server locations. They’re customer services are unbeatable in the crypto mining industry with live 24/7 phone and tech support.

For more information about GAWMiners, resources and support for crypto mining visit

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