GAWMiners Announces World's Most Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost Digital Cloud Bitcoin Miner for $9.95

GAWMiners Announces World's Most Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost Digital Cloud Bitcoin Miner for $9.95

The GAW Miners Hashlet Genesis creates bitcoins at 10GH/s and starts at $9.95. This time will go down as a period in history not unlike the industrial revolution. Make no mistake, Bitcoin is going mainstream.

The world-leading cryptocurrency hardware provider, GAW Miners, announced The Hashlet Genesis as the world’s most easy-to-use bitcoin miner priced aggressively at $9.95.

The release of the world’s most accessible bitcoin miner is another headline GAWMiners has made this summer, adding to its recent purchases of for $1M and acquiring the wildly popular cloud hosting platform ZenMiner for $8M. Earlier in the month, GAW Miners released the Hashlet Prime and Hashlet Solo as the world’s first Digital Cloud Miners, which the company is proud to say is leading more customers to positive ROIs than any other bitcoin miner ever sold.

Friday night, the company announced the highly anticipated new SHA-256 version of it's wildly successful Hashlet line, The Hashlet Genesis. Promising to help make Bitcoin accessible to a mainstream audience by making bitcoin mining as easy to use as email, the Hashlet Genesis release caused an avalanche of customers worldwide to flood GAW’s store hoping to be first in line to order the revolutionary new cryptocurrency miner.

The Hashlet Genesis' incredible popularity is due to both its $9.95 starting price - lower than any other bitcoin miner in the world - and the fact that it's widely considered the most powerful SHA-256 miner ever sold, since it grows more efficient over time and never becomes obsolete. Just as important it its success, however, is that Hashlet Genesis is widely considered the most user-friendly product in the industry, allowing people without technical know-how to create Bitcoins safely and reliably from a trustworthy source. Previous cryptocurrency miners have never been known for their ease of use, always requiring some degree of technical knowledge in order to operate.

“Hashlets are different. If you can open an email you can operate a Hashlet.” says CEO Josh Garza. “Hashlet is grandma-approved!"

With all initial varieties of the Hashlet released, GAW Miners has taken a major step forward in its preparations the industry to be ready for Project Prime, the company’s code name for its revolutionary new bitcoin platform due to launch later this year. Promising to make cryptocurrency far more accessible to the general public and far more attractive for merchants and customers to accept, Project Prime is expected to bring Bitcoin mainstream with the public.

“Cryptocurrency is changing the world. This time will go down as a period in history not unlike the Industrial Revolution” said CEO Josh Garza. “Make no mistake, bitcoin is here to stay and it’s going mainstream.”

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