Announces Bitcoin Miner Hosting & Electricity Service For All Users Announces Bitcoin Miner Hosting & Electricity Service For All Users

Cryptocurrency mining has always been for the tech-savvy, crypto coin enthusiasts due to the complexity of the process. It involves purchasing the desired SHA/SCRYPT miners, setting them up physically and then knowing the necessary information to solo-mine or pool mine. Just that last sentence alone probably lost you unless you're one of the enthusiasts.

“In regards to customer service, no one does a very good job with helping the customer. You can see this by the low reviews and distrust people have in mining companies in general,” said Josh Garza, founder of GAWMiners.

“What we’re bringing to the table is much needed customer-centric service in this emerging industry. We’re all about the customer; from education to setup to 24/7 tech support.“

In most markets, customers are used to dealing with large, professional brands. The Bitcoin and Litecoin mining industry is still very young and unregulated meaning dozens of small companies with limited resources are fighting for their piece of the pie. The overwhelming response felt in the sales of over 100 miners in just 10 minutes during GAWMiners' first week of business shows just how crucial the presence of a professional, customer-centric company is in the cryptocoin mining market.


GAWMiners is not trying to gain the most customers in the existing market but is instead looking to expand it through the education of the public and simplification of the mining process. They're innovating by developing ways for everyday users to easily operate equipment from home as well as remotely. "We host your miners for free, so you don’t have to deal with any part of the setup or configuration process," said Mr. Garza.

GAWMiners provides Bitcoin and Altcoin Scrypt Miners at low prices with free same-day shipping. As an additional option, they also offer free hosting & electricity at their server locations. Their customer services include live 24/7 phone and tech support.

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