Rhinoceros Laboratories Unveils 5GH/S Scrypt Mining Solution

Rhinoceros Laboratories Unveils 5GH/S Scrypt Mining Solution

Hong Kong-based company Rhinoceros Laboratoriesnow can unveil their 5GH/S Scrypt miner not only to the Asian market, but to the United States and European markets. Geared toward larger miners, the new RL-M5 is now available all over the world. Under development since September 2013, the miner can mine on any Scrypt algorithm after eight months of preparation and development of a custom 28nm chip. As of now, every single unit is tested and ready to ship immediately.

“Rhinoceros Laboratories is proud to present RL-M5, 5 Gigahash ASIC miner with outstanding power efficiency,” Rhinoceros Labs CEO Hua Rongji said. “I strongly believe our rig will fit the needs of professional mining businesses, as well as private miners. It’s a compact, yet powerful, mining rig designed from the scratch with impressive characteristics that can fulfill the increasing demand of hashpower for Scrypt-based currencies.”

The eight months of preparation are incredibly important. Companies offer a product too often that doesn’t end up fulfilling the needs of the customer. Rhinoceros Labs has tested these miners, and it’s proven to be incredibly beneficial to the final product.

“With RL-M5 we went through whole nine yards between mission-impossible to a final product within just one year. It took us eight months to develop a chip, which is fully Scrypt-algorithm compliant, works seamlessly with RAM, as well as other components,” Kelley Ethan, Head of Engineering, said. “ASICs manufacturing is a new field for our company, which is why careful brainstorming of all aspects took place.

During that time, the company looked out at the current state of mining hardware and saw some incredible problems with the industry. They wanted to address these problems in their hardware, making it essential to take it slow; rather than streamline a product lacking in functionality.

“We learned from the competitor’s experience to make sure that things like heat management, power consumption, noise, scalability and price are within reasonable ranges,” Ethan said. “The extra attention is made to the final product assembly, and we’re proud to achieve 5 GH/S speed, which equals to using 5000 high end GPU cards just s year ago. It’s truly a major milestone for our engineering department.”

Seeing as cryptocurrency is a global technology, it’s understandable that some interested parties may not want to deal with shipping and customs on these miners. To suit the needs of customers that want the hardware themselves, and some that may not, Rhinoceros Laboratories is offering a hosting program. The program allows interested miners the ability to use their equipment without having it in their hands.

The price of the RL-M5 hardware is $55,000 (or $11 per MH/S), but the hosted mining comes along with contracts for those interested in owning the equipment but leaving the hardware in the hands of Rhinoceros Laboratories.

Six Month Contract

The minimum hosting contract is a six-month contract with 500 MH/S.

  • Price per 500 MH/S for six months is $6,400
  • Price per 1 GH/S for six months is $12,000
  • Price per 2 GH/S for six months is $23,500
  • Price per 5 GH/S for six months is $46,000

Annual Contract

For miners looking for a long-term investment with a boost of savings on their end, annual contracts are available with 20% discount to the base six-month contract.

  • Price per 500 MH/S for a year is $10,240
  • Price per 1 GH/S for a year is $19,200
  • Price per 2 GH/S for a year is $37,600
  • Price per 5 GH/S for a year is $73,600

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