CEX.IO’s GHash.IO Launches Innovative Scrypt Mining Multi Pool Pro

CEX.IO’s GHash.IO Launches Innovative Scrypt Mining Multi Pool Pro

London based CEX.IO has announced the launch of their revolutionary new scrypt mining pool: Multi Pool Pro, where Pro stands for progressive, professional and profitable. Multi Pool Pro is an innovative scrypt multi pool with exclusive options. GHash.IO follows emerging developments and constantly adds new cryptocurrencies like LTC, DOGE, FTR and AUR — which are all currently available for mining.

The ‘Pro’ in Multi Pool Pro firstly stands for progressive. The Multi Pool Pro option is available as a part of GHash.IO, the leading Bitcoin Mining Pool, which has shared credentials with the CEX.IO Bitcoin cloud mining and trading platform. CEX.IO’s new Multi Pool Pro includes up to date trends, options and features, combined with real-time mining stats — all available to meet the needs of mining adherents.

Secondly, the ‘Pro’ in Multi Pool Pro stands for professional; CEX.IO has been running its GHash.IO Bitcoin mining pool, the largest in the world, smoothly for a year. The Multi Pool Pro will be operating according to the proportional reward system; when a block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found.

Finally, the ‘Pro’ in GHash.IO’s Multi Pool Pro stands for profitable: the pool is programmed to automatically mine the most profitable coin at any given moment. GHash.IO Multi Pool Pro users are also provided with real-time profitability indicators, such as difficulty, block reward and exchange rate, shown in a summary table, as well as a visual Last Hour Mining Diagram. Users can choose to convert their coins into BTC or LTC and switch settings; dropping miner jobs when switching coins. Smart investors and savvy miners looking for maximum profit will find Multi Pool Pro geared to their needs.

For cryptocurrency mining experts and beginners alike, Multi Pool Pro’s plethora of features such as real-time profitability indicators and automatically mining the most profitable coin, make Multi Pool Pro the scrypt miner’s mining pool of choice. With the unprecedented features available at Multi Pool Pro, and the impeccable track record of CEX.IO as a Bitcoin company; Ghash.IO is taking the lead to very well become not only the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool – but also the largest scrypt mining pool on the planet.

To start mining at Multi Pool Pro please go to: https://ghash.io/MULTI

To learn more about CEX.IO please go to: http://cex.io/

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