Genesis Mining Provides Scrypt Mining Hashpower For Hire

Genesis Mining Provides Scrypt Mining Hashpower For Hire

Genesis Miningis the largest Scrypt hashpower provider in the world with 3 undisclosed locations in separate continents.  They are also one of the most competitive cloud-based mining solutions offered online.  Genesis Mining allows their clients to rent miners and mine cryptocoins.

The contract guarantees daily payouts, 100% uptime, and allows clients to choose their choice of Scrypt altcoin.  At first it will just be the most popular Scrypt altcoins, such as Litecoin and Dogecoin, but Genesis Mining’s portfolio will expand to include over one hundred altcoins in the future.

Genesis Mining currently offers 3 basic tiers of year-long Scrypt Hashing contracts and is always keen on negotiating larger contracts with larger discounts to interested investors:

Genesis Mining Offers Many Levels To Suit Your Tastes

For comparison, it costs a little under a dollar per KH/s to build your very own Scrypt GPU mining rig.  Furthermore, DIY at-home miners must pay electricity costs in addition to spending time maintaining and fine-tuning the rig.  Depending on your location in the world, electricity costs can vary immensely.  Additionally, depending on your location in the world, the additional electricity costs associated with cooling your rig/room/residence can also vary immensely.

For several years now, mining has always been done by more tech-savvy individuals around the world that are capable of handing both the hardware and the software facets of mining. Genesis Mining removes that high barrier to entry and allows users to mine Scrypt coins without software or hardware expertise.  Genesis Mining utilizes a clean User Interface and simple pricing models to bring affordable Scrypt mining to the masses.  They are able to provide hashing power at such a cheap rate due to economies of scale.

Genesis Mining Autotrader and multipool

In general, Genesis Mining’s clients fall into one of two categories: Altcoin Investors and Bitcoin Aficionados.  Altcoin investors will utilize Genesis Mining’s Scrypt hashing power to mine the altcoin of their choice.  Bitcoin Aficionados take advantage of Genesis Mining’s multipool and Autotrader to use Scrypt hashing power to yield daily Bitcoin payouts.  The Genesis Mining multipool will automatically choose the most profitable coin for you to mine.  Additionally, using advanced algorithms, the Genesis Mining Autotrader will also trade the altcoins to Bitcoins for you.  At the end of each day, the client will then receive Bitcoins instead of a hodgepodge of Scrypt altcoins.

Genesis Mining New Features: Choose-Your-Coin And Lower Prices

At the end of March, Genesis Mining took to twitter to hint at the coming of Stats and Choose-Your-Coin.  However, as Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining, has just released, there are eve better announcements

The new user experience announced today will allow users to divide their hashing power (HP) between different coins at will. For instance, they could set 30% of their HP to the GM AutoTrader, 30% to Dogecoin, 20% to Litecoin, and 20% to Pheonixcoin, as is shown in the example picture.

The new prices for the 3 basic tiers of Scrypt hashing contracts are thus:

Silver ( 1 MH/s) 330 USD
Gold (5 MH/s)  1550 USD ( 310 USD per MH/s)
Platinum (25 MH/s) 7250 USD ( 290 USD per MH/s)

Genesis Mining is able to offer this unprecedented $/KH/s ratio because of increases in efficiency in both their infrastructure and hardware.  Yes, Genesis Mining has some Scrypt ASICs.  Genesis Mining has not forgotten about existing customers that have already locked in contracts at previous rates.  Current clients will also receive a big boost in hashpower for free to celebrate the company’s gains.

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