Ziddu Launches Paid Cloud Services and Accepts BitCoin

Ziddu Launches Paid Cloud Services and Accepts BitCoin

Ziddu.com, the Top #5 file sharing sites in the world, launched 100 GB cloud secured storage services for just $ 3.99/ month.Currently Ziddu offers free cloud storage service for 50 days with unlimited space. A new version of mobile Apps for both iOS and Android are launched for mobile cloud services.

Ziddu reaches 40 million users with more than 100 million page views per month.
Ziddu is the fore front runner in major emerging markets like Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil etc.

Accepting Bitcoin will ensure us to reach gigantic growing community of Bitcoiners. “We will be one of the few sites offering instant services to Bitcoiners”, quoted Mr. Meenavalli Venkat, Founder of Ziddu(dot)com.

Ziddu is currently building Echo-system and API for growing Internet Entrepreneurs (Bloggers, Teachers, Free lancers, Filmmakers, Musicians, Open source developers, Crypto currency miners, Artists etc) to enhance their revenue stream using Ziddu services.

Ziddu(dot)com is owned by Meridian Tech Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Ziddu(dot)com Ranked #5 in “Top 10 free file hosting sites of 2013”.

Ziddu(dot)com Ranked #3 in “Free Web 2.0 sites in the world”


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