BizCloud® Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments for Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

BizCloud® Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments for Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

BizCloud® Inc., a leading edge provider of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, announced today that it will begin accepting Bitcoin payments with BitPay starting May 14, 2014. BizCloud® will accept the world's most-used cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment method for its public, hybrid, and private cloud infrastructure solutions. With this move, BizCloud® becomes one of the first cloud computing providers to join the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Since its inception, BizCloud® has been focused on technology and cloud innovations to assist businesses. With the decision to accept Bitcoin payments, the company is further demonstrating its ability to stay at the forefront of technology and willingness to support the free market by playing a role in a new digital economy. Unlike traditional payment methods, Bitcoin is used globally without any restrictions, enabling BizCloud® to better serve existing customers and further extend its global client base.

"We decided to accept Bitcoins to give both our domestic and international customers a quick and effortless alternative payment option, but also to support the technology that we believe will disrupt the financial industry in the coming years," said Vahid Razavi, Founder and CEO of BizCloud®. "Considering our role in the cloud computing space and our commitment to provide industry-leading technology to our customers, Bitcoin was a natural fit."

With Bitcoin, BizCloud®'s customers now have a fast, secure and private way to purchase its cloud infrastructure solutions from the site. Near instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions, with no intermediary banks or transaction fees, make Bitcoin a viable international payments alternative for the company's global client base.

BizCloud® has chosen BitPay, the leading Bitcoin payment processor, to provide its customers the most reliable means of transacting Bitcoin payments on its website. accepts Bitcoin payments for all Cloud Infrastructure Solutions (BizCloud® Private Cloud, BizCloud® Hybrid Cloud, and BizCloud® Public Cloud) without any additional cost. The prices will be calculated according to the current Bitcoin rate at the time of purchase. 

About BizCloud®

Based in San Francisco, California, with offices in Europe and Asia, BizCloud® is focused on technology and cloud innovations to assist businesses. BizCloud has mastered the art of integrated delivery alliances of cloud computing infrastructure, BPM platforms, business applications and service delivery organizations to deliver large inclusive customer outcomes for business owners.

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