New Crypto Currency Released by ECCoin What Allows Fair Distribution

New Crypto Currency Released by ECCoin What Allows Fair Distribution, the environment friendly efficient distribution network brings a new revolution in energy saving Crypto currency. ECC has an initial distribution time of 45 days.

ECC new currency which is an energy saving coin generating most of its coins through PoS blocks, has been designed in a way that will allow it to be accepted in many online stores around the world.

Energy Conversion coin of ECC is an environmentally conscious altcoin with an efficient distribution and a network which will be sustainable at relatively low energy levels. The initial mining period of 45 days will generate coins at a steady level after which the PoW reward will drop to a nominal 1 coin per block. At this time, ECC will become purely PoS generating 25% interest in the first year.

ECC, which has set the Internet alive with the currency, has an online community, which has been put together to bring together and encourage the new corners of the crypto world. The people behind the currency want to make the world a better and fairer place to live in.

Bitcoin, which has been in the media for all the wrong reasons in the past few weeks, has been described as yesterday’s news, while ECC which has been declared as a better performer to Bitcoin, has been called tomorrow news allowing people to have a currency they can trust and rely on.

The company behind the new currency, which has received positive feedback from the media as well as financial experts, have employed a highly skilled development team to take the coin forward and strengthen the community.

Roger Moore a recent visitor of this site says,

"I have to try out different transactional modes on a daily basis. Most of them are either slow or not effective. ECC seems to be dedicated to work on the specific short comes of their market competitors. This would be definitely a great help to people like us. I have discussed their idea with some of my friends and we are planning to give it a try."

For more details about ECCoin, please visit and join the energy-saving Crypto currency evolution.

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