Accepts Bitcoin for Purchases of Storable Food and Survival Products Accepts Bitcoin for Purchases of Storable Food and Survival Products

In response to requests from its customers, start accepting Bitcoin for its storable food and survival products, offering an alternative to centrally-managed fiat currencies.

Offgrid Outpost, an online retailer of storable foods and other emergency and survival supplies, has started accepting Bitcoin digital currency, or cryptocurrency, as a form of payment in addition to credit card or PayPal. Bitcoin is gaining traction with consumers and vendors, and Offgrid Outpost is excited to be at the doorstep of the cryptocurrency revolution. customers can now purchase Legacy Premium storable food, Guardian survival kits, and other emergency supplies using Bitcoin.

Dylan Hunt, founder of Offgrid Outpost, states,

“Bitcoin presents an exciting alternative to centrally-managed fiat currencies. In response to requests from our customers, we are very excited to offer Bitcoin as an option for purchasing important survival products.”

The government holds a monopoly on the issuance of a fiat currency, such as the US dollar, which is closely tied to the government’s taxation strategy.

Hunt adds,

“We feel that more options mean more freedom for people who are concerned about the future. By accepting Bitcoin, we are offering our clients an effective means of protesting against the existing banking system and the Federal Reserve.”

In addition, Bitcoin allows for greater anonymity, convenience and lower transaction fees.

About Offgrid Outpost

Offgrid Outpost is an online retailer that enables families to prepare for emergencies with storable foods, survival kits and other vital emergency supplies. Each year, millions find themselves without power or access to a grocery store, due to a variety of reason, such as power outages, severe weather or economic hardship. People are also becoming wearier of issues such as rising food prices, increasing oil costs, and pollution of our water supply. Offgrid Outpost provides products for all types of emergencies and helps preppers, survivalists and individuals to protect themselves and their families. Its online store located at offers quality Legacy Premium storable foods, survival kits and supplies, water filtration and storage systems, and more.

Offgrid Outpost

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