Mongoose Metrics Now Accepts Bitcoin

Mongoose Metrics Now Accepts Bitcoin

Mongoose Metrics ( is excited to announce that it has joined the likes of OkCupid, Reddit, Virgin Galactic, and soon, by now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its suite of call tracking products.

Mongoose believes in the long-term viability of Bitcoin, provided it can establish a base of legitimate retailers. Its hope is that by embracing this currency early, along side other established businesses like, it can help generate a groundswell to encourage other businesses to accept them as well.

“We anticipate that as the number of legitimate businesses that accept Bitcoin increases, the currency value relative to other government-issued currencies will stabilize,” said Brad Reynolds, co-founder and president of Mongoose Metrics.

Mongoose has no plans to hedge or instantly convert bitcoins into USD. Instead, it prefers to support the Bitcoin ecosystem by using it to legally exchange coins for the services of other Bitcoin-friendly vendors.

“While only time will tell if the Bitcoin revolution will establish the next great currency—or turn out to be a huge flop—we are excited to support this movement,” said Reynolds.

Mongoose Metrics fully intends to comply with any and all government regulations for the currency.

About Mongoose Metrics

Mongoose Metrics is a leader in call tracking, measurement and attribution.

Founded in 2007, Mongoose Metrics captures and records offline conversions that are driven by both online and offline marketing and advertising campaigns. This completed view of marketing campaign effectiveness enables marketers to better understand—at a granular keyword level—what is driving conversions, how to evolve and improve campaign performance, and ways to reallocate budgets to maximize ROI. The company’s clients range from Fortune 500 to small-and-medium businesses across North America.

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