Bitcoin Exchange “Hitbtc” Includes New Features Such As Comprehensive Demo Trading And A Virtual Challenge

Bitcoin Exchange “Hitbtc” Includes New Features Such As Comprehensive Demo Trading And A Virtual Challenge

With the release of the new Bitcoin exchange Hitbtc, following a $3M investment after two rounds of financing, the company launches and includes a bevy of new features to appeal to the needs of both experienced and novice Bitcoin traders.

The Demo Trading option of Hitbtc is highly functional which sets it apart from other companies. It can be used by novice traders to gain valuable trading experience and gives them an opportunity to learn exactly what Hitbtc has to offer. At the same time, it allows skilled users to test out their robots on the demo platform and judge for themselves of the high quality of this new feature.

Moreover, Hitbtc offers not only an opportunity to test out the features of their platform but also the possibility of winning Oculus Rift glasses – the winners will be selected based on his performance on the demo platform. The contest starts May 1st and 3 winners will be selected based on their best performance trading through the API and through the web interface, as well those with the highest P/L in the shortest amount of time.

Other new additions include a new order terminal which features two types of orders: market and limit. These features reflect Hitbtc’s business model based on using cutting-edge technology and bringing comprehensive professional trading software features to its users. At the same time, both the website and API are highly secure and guarantees Hitbtc’s customers peace of mind.

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