BitcoinDark – Strengthening Mission-Critical Altcoins

BitcoinDark – Strengthening Mission-Critical Altcoins

BitcoinDark seeks to strengthen coins who offer substance to the cryptocurrency arena while weeding out copy-and-paste cryptocurrencies that do not offer any new value to the industry. Select coins connect to the BitcoinDark SuperNet (UNITY) network while providing both the features of that particular coin, as well as the features of BitcoinDark’s SuperNet. BitcoinDark’s Teleport technology allows for anonymity while using any coin connected through the SuperNet network.

BitcoinDark Pays Out in Bitcoin

BitcoinDark has completed its PoW phase with 1.2 million BTCD mined and now it has entered its PoS phase. Every year shareholders receive 5% interest on the BTCD which they have staked. By the year 2020, there will only be 1.5 Million BTCD available and coins will continue to be added until the available supply reaches 22 million coins. BitcoinDark will reach its maximum of 22 million BTCD in about 60 years. Instead of paying shareholders in BTCD, BitcoinDark pays shareholders in Bitcoin raised through Teleport fees and InstantDEX.

Coin developers have access to BitCoinDark’s array of tools, such as access to trading their coin through BitcoinDark’s decentralized exchange, InstantDEX. Developers may also create trading bots on the InstantDEX exchange for their coin, and allowing coin-holders to auto-convert the coin into Bitcoin for easy access to making payments in Bitcoin wherever Bitcoin is accepted. Coin developers also earn dividends from InstantDEX’s revenue sharing so they may earn money for their work just by integrating their coin with the BitcoinDark SuperNET.

Easy access to the SuperNet

The BitcoinDark development team invites coin developers to integrate the BitcoinDark open source library, libjl777 for easy access to the SuperNet. This library allows coin developers, and enthusiasts to easily code trading bots and encrypted communications, as well as providing easy access to website APIs and any coin’s RPC interface.

Futuristic Teleportation has arrived with BitcoinDark

Well, you might not be capable of teleporting yourself from place-to-place, but BitcoinDark has now invented technology that will teleport your funds from place-to-place to ensure your privacy while conducting commerce. Teleportation takes place off the blockchain while providing all of the benefits of the blockchain, which allows for your private information to stay private. Your funds are teleported through transporters by telepods as all transaction data is stored securely in the telepod and sent through the encrypted network to its destination.

Transactions move through a network of nodes called Privacy Servers and jump nodes. Every node on the BitcoinDark network is a Privacy Server, and it’s these nodes that make the transaction impossible to track. The teleportation technology makes every coin transaction secure for both corporate and private usage.

BitcoinDark is not just a cryptocurrency, but a whole new revolutionary infrastructure that the whole market may rely on for access to the cutting edge technology which propels the market forward. Everyone benefits from BitcoinDark’s innovative technology.

Are you interested in BitcoinDark? You may trade BitcoinDark on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as BitTrex, Atomic Trade, Cryptsy, and Poloniex or by using BitcoinDark’s built-in InstantDEX decentralized trading platform.

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