New Cryptocurrency iPhone And Android App SendChat Allows Users To Send Bitcoin, DOGE, DRK And Sendcoin With Ease

New Cryptocurrency iPhone And Android App SendChat Allows Users To Send Bitcoin, DOGE, DRK And Sendcoin With Ease

New fully transparent start-up SendChat – supported by the same team that is behind Sendcoin – is preparing to launch a unique cryptocurrency messenger app that will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies effortlessly parallel to messaging.

The release is due after an initial crowdfunding period held by blockchain crowd-funding and project certification platform BlockTrust. SendChat builds on popular open source messenger network Telegram with the added feature of sending Bitcoin, Sendcoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin. The SendChat and Sendcoin white paper is available online for download on The company began a public sale on the 8th of January 2015 to help raise funds to cover expenses associated with the release. SendChat is now excited to present an infrastructure that will aid the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The user-friendly SendChat app uses the same open source script and infrastructure as Telegram that currently has over 50 million users. SendChat will include Telegram´s features such as sending messages, files, photos, videos and much more while being able to send and receive Bitcoin, Sendcoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin simply by clicking on a contact. SendChat members will be able to send and receive messages to Telegram users but sending cryptocurrencies requires both users to have SendChat. SendChat’s cryptocurrency function does not require wallet addresses or technical expertise. SendChat will be fully compatible with MAC, Android, iOS, PC, Linux and Smart Watches.

SendChat will be cooperating with third party blockchain crowd-funding platform and project certification service BlockTrust that utilizes multi-sig Bitcoin escrow. Crowdfunding via BlockTrust follows strict timelines and necessary guidelines to ensure a safe and professional crowdfunding period. SendChat crowdfunding opened to the public on the 8th of January.

The complete version of SendChat will work as its own ecosystem complete with the shared Telegram communication system, a Cryptocurrency To Fiat Exchange, Creators Market, Send Chat Store and personalized news all inside the same app. SendChat plans to use some of the revenue to sponsor education about Bitcoin by setting up Bitcoin Embassies worldwide. A project that will further expand the reach and possibilities of Bitcoin. As tech entrepreneur and mathematician Charles Hoskinson explained in a recent TED talk; the spread of a decentralized technology such as Bitcoin might have a huge impact on the quality of life for many people especially in developing nations. Future plans also involve helping non-profit organizations and NGOs to receive cryptocurrency donations and advertise for fee using the app.

The user-friendly SendChat app does not compromise on user safety.

SendChat will be using an Amazon EC2 DdoS mitigation provider to guarantee network stability and prevent DDoS attacks. All platform data will be encrypted and stored safely as well as SSL encryption for internet traffic, widely used multi-sign functions, and many more tech savvy safety features.

Sendcoin adopters will see many benefits when using Sendcoin in SendChat like added discounts when making purchases, discounts for stores accepting Sendcoin, free Creators Market vouchers for first time Sendcoin users and prizes in Sendcoin exclusively on SendChat. Energy efficient Sendcoin provides 30x faster transactions than Bitcoin and has a low inflation rate. With only 21 million coins in total and 1% yearly interest, multi-signature features and 60 second transactions; Sendcoin will be embedded in the SendChat ecosystem and is a user efficient cryptocurrency.

SendChat hopes their groundbreaking Bitcoin and cryptocurrency app will aid in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies; while SendChat itself becomes an integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem worldwide.

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