Bitcoin Wallet from Airbitz Now Features Technology that Improves Transfers Between People

Bitcoin Wallet from Airbitz Now Features Technology that Improves Transfers Between People

You get the financial privacy and autonomy Bitcoin was designed for with the ease of use even your grandma could handle.

Bitcoin Wallet developers, Airbitz, announced that their software now supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Android. This new feature is aimed at providing a more efficient and simpler way to transfer funds between two people. This feature already exists on its iOS version for iPhones. People interested in Bitcoin Wallet can download Airbitz for iPhone or download Airbitz for Android.

“BLE is the easiest way for two people to transfer funds between one another,” said Paul Puey, co-founder and CEO of Airbitz. “Previously, users would need to use QR codes, which can be difficult for phone cameras to read in low-light situations.”

According to the company’s website, Airbitz not only promotes the use of Bitcoin, but it also works to help users to manage the online currency with the familiarity and ease of mobile banking.

“With Airbitz, you have the ability control of your funds with out any interference from Airbitz or another third party,” said Puey. “You get the financial privacy and autonomy Bitcoin was designed for with the ease of use even your grandma could handle.”

Airbitz was created by a group of IT experts with one goal in mind: designing and delivering software, services and products that exceed the user’s expectations in terms of user experience. They strive to deliver products that are both both visually and functionally appealing while keeping advanced technology simple and keeping Bitcoin’s core principles of decentralization and privacy.

Airbitz’s Bitcoin Wallet is an open source software that is secure, encrypted and backed up. The wallet can be set up quickly, said Puey, to send or receive Bitcoin anywhere in the world.

Puey added that Airbitz recognizes the unique risks that Bitcoin users face. However, Airbitz always automatically encrypts and backs up users’ wallets, keys and transaction data with no additional steps required.

About Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet

Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet is a mobile device application that helps users to simply and securely manage their Bitcoin currency.

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