Free Bitcoin Debit Card Offered By AltoCenter Bitcoin And Litecoin Exchange

Free Bitcoin Debit Card Offered By AltoCenter Bitcoin And Litecoin Exchange

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform AltoCenter is pleased to announce free Bitcoin debit cards for users. AltoCenter provides simple solutions for new traders, and plenty of advanced tools for more experienced Bitcoin and Litecoin traders.

Transparent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform AltoCenter combines simplicity and user friendliness with cutting-edge technology to enable businesses and enthusiasts to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and an array of other digital currencies with ease. Convenient features such as automatic cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, ‘Perfect Money’ payment system, wire transfers and SEPA payments in Europe ensures there is plenty of features for novice traders and crypto enthusiasts alike. For a limited time period AltoCenter offer a free debit card for new customers that open and fund their account on the website. AltoCenter operates under KYC policies and does not process third party deposits or withdrawals.

“We try to look at the bitcoin industry from a trader’s point of view and believe that cryptocurrency trading process should be simple and straightforward. Here at AltoCenter we are doing our bit to provide such trading environment.” Says Michael Vernik, AltoCenter Business Development Manager.

AltoCenter enables easy to use web interface in English, Russian and Chinese and users do not need to be tech savvy or have previous expertise in trading. To get started the user simply creates an account, uses one of the deposit options to add funds, chooses the currency pair to trade and places either a buy or a sell order. AltoCenter do not charge anything for depositing cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin; other depositing methods such as Perfect Money may require low fees which are clearly listed and easy to find. Deposits using Perfect Money are instant while digital money may take up to an hour to show in balance. Other deposit methods such as bank transfers may take 2-5 working days.

For a limited time AltoCenter offers free ATM debit cards which can be connected to the AltoCenter account provided the user passes certain conditions and country restrictions. The ATM debit card is accepted in all Maestro certified ATMs and merchants worldwide. Each card can load a maximum of USD 10,000 per day with a withdrawal limit of USD 2500 per day. AltoCenter also allows card holders to check their card balance online for free. Long time AltoCenter users can also get a card issued and shipped for free with certain deposits to the trading account or at a flat rate if the user does not make a deposit.

As more and more people are adopting Bitcoin after the recent years of media attention there is a void in exchange platforms for the mainstream audience. AltoCenter aims to aid mainstream adoption by providing an exchange that is easy to use for ordinary people but still offers plenty of options for experienced traders. With withdrawal and deposit options ranging from bank transfers to one of the world leading financial service providers ‘Perfect Money’, and even the possibility to have debit card connected to the account: AltoCenter might very well be on their way to filling that void.

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