Sfards Competition For 1 BTC: “Speaking IMHO”- The Best Bitcoin Miner Is…1000 Free Dogecoin For All Entrants

Sfards Competition For 1 BTC: “Speaking IMHO”- The Best Bitcoin Miner Is…1000 Free Dogecoin For All Entrants

ASIC mining company Sfards are pleased to announce a competition where anyone can win 1 Bitcoin by making a simple post on bitcointalk and Facebook. All entrants will also receive free 1000 Dogecoin.

SF3301, the latest 28nm ASIC mining chip: low power consumption, dual-mining ability, which gives future miners more exciting feature, brings infinite possibility to the industry.

Aside from traditional steel box-style miner products, Sfards are looking for different designs of miner products. Sfards eagerly hopes the Bitcoin community joins them and shows Sfards their imagination!

Example entres to win 1 Bitcoin:

“ I am a practial investor, my ideal miner has low power consumption, big mining ability……”, good!
“I am passionate in my life, the miner I am looking for is a magic machine which can be used to keep pets, grow flowers, feed my cat and dog…a all-in-one home appliance machine……”, cool!
“I am not a rule-follower, I prefer a miner flush……”, awesome!
“ I wanna a miner drone, even a miner rocket……”, excellent!

Contest 1: Contestants Post Their Idea In The Thread on Bitcointalk


Contest Time: May 11th – 17th 12:00 pm, Bitcointalk.org time

All participants can reply under this thread, using text or picture to describe the best design of the ideal miner in their heart, one sentence description is OK, but the more details, the better. One ID can join more than one time, each post shall be more than 20 words, repetitve post are not valid, copying from other people’s idea are not valid.

Contestants must make sure to post their DogeCoin Address in their reply to receive 1000 free Dogecoin. If they are lucky enough to get the Floor Award, they must post their Litecoin Address too to receive their prize.


1. General Award:
Each participant will get 1000 Dogecoin.
2. Winner: (Sfards will choose the following winners from all participants)

  • The most creative answer reward: 1 BTC
  • The most “controversial” design award: 100 LTC
  • The most market appealing design award: 100 LTC

All the results will be published within a week after the contest has ended and the rewards will be sent together. Sfards reserves the rights to interpret the terms of this contest.

Contest 2: Joining In Facebook

Contest Time: May 11th – 17th 12:00 pm, GMT+8 (Beijing Time)

Follow Sfards’ Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/sfardstech , share the thread of this contest, describe the ideal miner design and @sfards. Each facebook account can only participate once, description shall be more than 10 words, copying from others’ ideas is invalid.

Contestants must remember to leave their DogeCoin and LTC Address


1. General Award :
Each participant will get 1000 DogeCoin
2. Most Popular Award:
The idea posted that gets the most “like” will get 100 LTC, second will get 50 LTC, third will get 20 LTC.

All the results will be published within a week after the contest ended and the rewards will be sent together. Sfards reserves the rights to interpret the terms of this contest.


SFARDS comes from the well-known angel investor Li Xiaolai and the merger between Gridseed and WiiBox. The Beijing-based company has received VC funding from Matrix Partners China, the first cryptocurrency mining company in China to receive this kind of backing. SFARDS has a cutting-edge research and development team with a wealth of experience in cryptocurrency mining that is devoted to bringing value to every aspect of the mining industry.

To learn more about Sfards please go to: http://www.sfards.com/

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