Cryptocurrency Features Prominently at PayExpo 2015

Cryptocurrency Features Prominently at PayExpo 2015

Cryptocurrency features prominently at PayExpo 2015 with new workshop and exhibitorsA Cryptocurrency Workshop will be among the new features at PayExpo 2015, the UK’s largest payments technology event, taking place at ExCeL, London on 9 and 10 June.

The Cryptocurrency workshop examines the ever-increasing digital currency activity in the payments sector as retailers begin to adopt cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Among the topics covered will be whether digital currency is really set to disrupt the payments industry to become the preferred channel for the digitally native generation, presented by Nicolas Cary, Co-Founder of Blockchain Ltd.

Permissionless Innovation will be discussed by Anthony Culligan, CEO and Founder of Roolo and Crypto-currency: the bank of the future will be led by Frank Schuil, CEO and Co-founder of Safello. Lee Gibson Grant of Coinstructors will explain Drachmae: could this be a secondary currency option and what other applications can the blockchain resolve for Greece?

In addition, Dr David Everett, CEO of Microexpert Ltd will present an introduction to blockchain and its implication on payments before Daniel Weiss, President and CEO of Chartwell Compliance talks about success in acquiring State Money Transmitter Licenses in the US.

In addition to the Cryptocurrency Workshop sessions, Sergei Nazarov of NXT Coin will speak at the Future of Payments Summit about Programmable Money through Cryptocurrency: the future of fraud-proof digital payments.

Within the exhibition area, delegates will be able to find out about the latest developments in cryptocurrency from NXT 2.0 Blockchain Technology, PayExpo’s cryptocurrency partner, and from Foregenix.

Mike Seaman, Portfolio Director at PayExpo organisers Clarion Events says:

“Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest developing and most widely discussed elements of payments so it is important that we feature it at the event. Delegates will come away with plenty of valuable insight, expertise and advice from the speakers and exhibitors.”

DCC Continuing Education

DCC CE Credits will be available for all sessions in the Cryptocurrency WorkshopThe continuously evolving digital currency economy requires that professionals stay up to date on developments in the industry and the technology. The DCC recognizes quality providers of educational sessions on digital currencies as Continuing Education Partners.

DCC Certified Professionals are required to complete five hours of continuing education each quarter to maintain their accreditation. All professionals are encouraged to stay abreast of the rapidly changing ecosystem.

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