Gatecoin Exchange Launches New “50 for 50 Reward Program”

Gatecoin Exchange Launches New “50 for 50 Reward Program”

US$ 50 Reward for every 50 BTC Traded.

This summer is set to be an exciting time for bitcoin traders looking for easy ways to earn more! Gatecoin, a regulated bitcoin exchange platform, has launched its “50 for 50 Reward Program” that gives out a US$ 50 reward for every 50 BTC traded on the online exchange.

To get the reward, bitcoiners need to create an account on Gatecoin, sign up fellow traders using their unique referral code, and every time this group trades a total of 50 BTC or more within a 30-day period, the referrer will get a US$ 50 reward in their Gatecoin account.

The reward program also benefits those who are new to bitcoin trading. Those who create an account using the referral code of a Gatecoin user will get a US$10 bonus upon their first fiat deposit, from now until August 8, 2015. This makes it easier for Gatecoin traders to incentivize their peers to try trading on the platform.

Gatecoin’s Business Developer William Piquard said,

“Our goal is to make it easy and financially-rewarding for Bitcoiners to spread the word to non-Bitcoiners”.

As the only licensed bitcoin exchange based in Hong Kong, Gatecoin provides its users with an all-around asset protection. Users’ fiat deposits are kept in segregated client bank accounts, while their bitcoins are stored on a multisig cold wallet and the system is continuously monitored and audited by an external IT security firm. Gatecoin’s professional trading platform allows its users to trade bitcoins globally in US Dollar, Euro, and Hong Kong Dollar using its low latency matching engine. Due to regulatory restrictions, only non-US residents can trade on Gatecoin.


Founded in 2013 by investment banking professionals, Gatecoin the only Money Service Operator (MSO) licensed bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong. Gatecoin is winner of the 2014 Talent Unleashed Best Start-Up Award for the Central and East Asia Region. Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak were part of the jury.

Learn more on the Gatecoin website and on Twitter @Gatecoin

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