CoinPip Launches New Service with International Direct Payments in 48 Hours or Less

CoinPip Launches New Service with International Direct Payments in 48 Hours or Less

Money transfer service CoinPip has launched its newest upgrade Beta v1.2 with a new feature to send money called "Direct Payments".

Today Singapore-based CoinPip has announced the launch of its newest product upgrade Beta v1.2, which offers a new service called Direct Payments. Now through the innovative use of blockchain technology, businesses can send money to the bank accounts of partners and remote workers in a variety of countries including Indonesia,Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. All payments are received in 48 hours or less and for a flat fee of only 2%. It is not necessary to register with CoinPip in order to receive the funds.

"This is a giant step for our customers. With this new service, users can send money straight into recipient bank account without the hassles that can be associated with opening a special account. Most users in developing markets either don't have access to Paypal, or they have problems registering," says Anson Zeall, CEO/Co-Founder of CoinPip.

Through this new Direct Payments option, both established businesses as well as startups can also quickly and easily send funds to Bitcoin and WeChat wallets, even if they don't own bitcoins or have WeChat wallets.

Zeal added, "Many of our clients are early stage startups in areas, such as Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, New York and Singapore, where it can be very expensive to hire full time internal staff members. As a result, outsourcing is the ideal solution. That's why it is essential to make sending money to other countries easy, fast and streamlined. With CoinPip, transactions can be settled and cleared within minutes, no matter where users happen to be based."

Not only is CoinPip expanding its international payroll transfer into more countries, the company will soon be adding an additional payment option for its merchants. Customers will be able to make a cash transfer via ATM, and CoinPip will process the payment so that it is received by an international merchant. The launch date of this service will be announced shortly.

About CoinPip

CoinPip's vision is to connect the world with blockchain technology. The company offers a friendly and fast international money transfer service that businesses can use to send money to partners and remote workers that are in Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and the Philippines with just a 2% flat fee. Based in Singapore, the CoinPip team has worked on high-tech projects across the globe. Additional information is available at

CoinPip is funded by the Silicon Valley venture capital firm 500 Startups. Entrepreneurs Anson Zeall, Alexander Angerer and Chief Crypto Technologist Arseniy Kucherenko founded the company.

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