DebitWay’s New Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) Set to Dwarf Its INTERAC® Online Payment (IOP) in Popularity and Implementation with Online Merchants

DebitWay’s New Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) Set to Dwarf Its INTERAC® Online Payment (IOP) in Popularity and Implementation with Online Merchants

DebitWay continues to go above and beyond what typical payment service providers do. The continued support really makes us feel like we are partners and not just clients.

DebitWay has been a card carrying certified INTERAC® Online Payment provider for well over five years. The Montreal, Quebec, Canada alternative payment service provider (PSP) has been processing real time debit transactions for eMerchants with a strong base of Canadian consumers for years. Now the alternative PSP is offering a similar service for those eMerchants whose clients reside all around the globe.

With a growing bank of over 160 financial institutions worldwide, DebitWay can effectively process direct debit transactions for merchant partners who transact with consumers in over 50 countries; that includes Australia, China, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States to name but five of the listed countries.

Said Director of Business Development & Production Rod Tomita,

“When you provide payment solutions for remittance companies, digital currency enterprises and social gaming giants as we do, you work diligently on a daily basis to offer up the best and most efficient payment processing methods available.” Mr. Tomita goes on to add that

“Integrating the DDT payment option is quick and easy. Merchants can be offering DDT to their clients in moments.”

With companies like Duales, TransFast and Money2Anywhere lining their remittance portfolio, it is clear that DebitWay is not resting on its laurels. Rather, the alternative PSP is continuing to innovate and incorporate the best payment methods and payment solutions for its merchant partners, added Rod Tomita,

“At DebitWay we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our merchant partners, regardless of the industry that they are in, with the best service and products possible.” Duales CEO & founder, Henry Martinez insisted,

“People want an easy way to send money to their loved ones. DebitWay’s DDT makes it easier for companies like mine to do just that.”

In offering DDT to online merchants, DebitWay is making life easier for not only remittance entrepreneurs, but Bitcoin eMerchants as well. DebitWay has long been a “go to” PSP for Bitcoin merchants as their recent announcements regarding partnerships with QuadrigaCX, Cryptsy, Expresscoin and Coinrnr attests to. Proving once again that DebitWay is not resting on its laurels, but rather continuing to provide current (and future) merchant partners with the most complete family of online payments methods around,

“DebitWay continues to go above and beyond what typical payment service providers do. The continued support really makes us feel like we are partners and not just clients,” attests Expresscoin CEO Will Wheeler.

But Mr. Tomita did not stop there, “We have Independent Game Developers all over the world that require specific payment options that fit their individual needs, if our Australian partners wish to sell their games and products in the United States, or vice versa, for example. We at DebitWay offer them the solutions they require, independent of credit card processing. It is about offering our merchant partners what they want. We listened to them and DDT is what they have been asking for!”

How exactly will DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) change the payment landscape for both their current and future merchant partners? For those accustomed to DebitWay’s IOP service it will simply appear as a natural (and logical progression), others will suddenly come to the realization that they can transact with clients as easily and as effectively as walking over to an automated teller machine (ATM), withdrawing cash and handing it over to complete a payment. Cash transactions processed in real time, anywhere in the world.


Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, since 2004, DebitWay continues to be one of the leading Payment Service Providers in the world, as well as a Certified Payment Provider of INTERAC® Online Payment(IOP) solution in Canada. DebitWay merchant partners continue to benefit of being able to accept bank payments in real-time instantly.


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