Digital Currency Exchange Cryptsy Inc. Partners With To Facilitate Altcoin Trading

Digital Currency Exchange Cryptsy Inc. Partners With To Facilitate Altcoin Trading

Cryptsy is dedicated to mediating digital currency trades amongst peers; DebitWay is dedicated to helping eMerchants reach as many users worldwide as possible. It is a perfect match.

The Montreal, Quebec based alternative payment service provider,, continues to grow it portfolio of Bitcoin and digital currency partners. joins Expresscoin, QuadrigaCX and CoinRNR as digital currency enterprises that have looked to to help expand their businesses into the Canadian market and beyond., who has successfully partnered with Remittance, Social Gaming and Telecom online merchants over the years, has recently widened its focus to include the Bitcoin (Digital Currency) industry. With a 10 year track record of providing payment processing to electronic merchants (eMerchants) in high risk sectors, appears to be the go to destination for Bitcoin businesses who are seeking to grow.

Delray Beach, Florida based is the latest cryptocurrency enterprise to partner with Founded on May 20th, 2013,’s rapid growth has seen meteoric rises in both customer base and total online trades to the tune of 230,000 registered users and over 300,000 trades per day. With a user friendly website interface, a strong presence in social media and a reputed 150 different types of crypto-currency available for trade,’s expansion should come as no surprise to those in the Bitcoin world. “We set out to make it safe and easy for users to trade digital currency. Our success and growth is a direct indication that people are interested and passionate about the future of coinage” Attests Cryptsy CEO Paul Vernon.

By offering’s Payment solution, continues to adhere to its mission statement: To provide a safe environment for users to trade crypto-currencies with other users as efficiently as possible. The inclusion of IOP ensures that members can transact with impunity, bereft of any identify theft threat.

“One of the beautiful things about IOP is that no personal information is ever transmitted over the internet” States Senior Software Developer Jonathan Arias who goes on to add that “any information transmitted across the DebitWay server is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry – SSL” The partnership between and will allow Canadian crypto-currency enthusiasts to transact with Cryptsy on their on terms and in their own currency, allowing the Altcoin trader to expand its growing number of registered users.’s IOP is the ideal first step towards international direct debit transactions. With IOP firmly in tow, can now look to DebitWay’s Direct Debit Transfer (DDT) in order to secure worldwide real-time cash transactions in the hopes of allowing people from all walks of life to trade digital currencies amongst each other. “Cryptsy is dedicated to mediating digital currency trades amongst peers; DebitWay is dedicated to helping eMerchants reach as many users worldwide as possible. It is a perfect match” Contends Director of Business Development & Production, Rod Tomita.


Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, since 2004, DebitWay continues to be one of the leading Payment Service Providers in the world, as well as a Certified Payment Provider of INTERAC® Online Payment (IOP) solution in Canada. DebitWay merchant partners continue to benefit of being able to accept bank payments in real-time instantly.


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