One of The Longest Running Bitcoin Alternatives – Devcoin Now Trading For Bitcoin on

One of The Longest Running Bitcoin Alternatives – Devcoin Now Trading For Bitcoin on

Long lasting ethical digital currency Devcoin is now trading directly for Bitcoin on, the largest digital currency trading platform in the world. Devcoin’s value peaked at 170 satoshis per DVC in mid December and has since settled down to a steady value ranging from 65 to 85 satoshis.

With a currently stable Bitcoin price of around $800 each, this gives DVC a fiat value of around 16 DVC per cent, or 1600 DVC per dollar. Now that Devcoin is trading for Bitcoin on Cryptsy, its value is expected to enjoy another climb. Devcoin’s official website at has also recently been professionally redesigned.

In addition to its steady value, Devcoin is one of the longest running successful digital currencies. The Devcoin project began in mid 2011 — two and a half years ago. In a world where several new cryptocurrencies are released each week, Devcoin is proving itself once again to be a relatively safe investment for anyone looking to gain a position in cryptocoins.

The Devcoin team believes the world will truly be a better place when open source artists and developers can actually earn a living through their beneficial work. Devcoin’s unique form of generation, or mining, means that anyone who has reasonable engineering, composing, writing or programming skills can become involved in the Devcoin project. Devcoin’s mining algorithm is structured to give 90 percent of mining rewards to people who contribute to various Devcoin projects, including Devtome. Writers who publish their work on Devtome get paid with newly generated Devcoins. Programmers and other developers who contribute to various open source projects also receive Devcoins for their work.

People who are involved in various open source Devcoin projects are very close to being able to earn an actual living through their work. For example, someone earning twelve generation shares during round 30, converting their entire earnings into fiat for one week could have earned just under $460 for that week*, enough to pay a few bills. To earn those twelve generation shares, a new writer would have needed to publish eighteen thousand words in the previous month; more established writers whose work gets more traffic get paid more.

There are also a number of retailers who accept payment directly in Devcoins for their products. The number of merchants is ever growing due to Devcoin payment support on popular cryptocurrency payment gateway Being able to spend Devcoins directly for products means avoiding trading fees and cash withdrawal fees. As the Devcoin project continues to grow, it is likely to put an end to the sad but true starving artist syndrome.

With its long successful track record, its stabilizing value, its unique method of generation, and its recent addition to the Bitcoin market on Cryptsy, Devcoin continues to go grow: making the world a better place and helping artists and developers worldwide earn a living wage for their open source work.

To learn more please go to:

Devcoin Funding For Open Source Projects: [email protected]


Devcoin Merchants and Services:

Devcoin Payment Processor For Merchant Checkouts And Invoicing:

Current And Future Devcoin Bounties According to Market Capitalization:

For the technically minded here are the Devcoin (DVC) protocol details

- Similar to Bitcoin, Devcoin uses the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm
- 10 minutes block target.
- 50 000 DVC per block reward, to ensure there is no deflation this block reward never decreases. 5000 DVC goes to miners (who can merge mine DVC for free when they are mining Bitcoin), and 45 000 DVC goes to the open source developers and projects on the receiver files.

*Past earnings do not guarantee future results when contributing to the Devcoin project. This Press Release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in DVC or any other digital currency.

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