Mexican Startup, Coinamex, Announces New Money Exchange and Remittance Service

Mexican Startup, Coinamex, Announces New Money Exchange and Remittance Service

Coinamex, Mexico city based startup, announced the release of their first financial service, Foxabit: a multi-currency web wallet suitable for remittance and money transferring, which will be available on October 6th.

The platform promises to offer 3 currencies (Bitcoin, pesos and dollars) and the best exchange rates in Mexico, at launch. Additionally, users will be able to send funds to other users inside the platform for free.

Customers will be able to deposit funds through more than 15,000 convenience stores across Mexico, or use regular bank deposits.

"Foxabit will allow the unbanked to send and exchange multiple currencies at the best rates in the market. In Mexico 70% of the population do not have access to banks and other financial services, so they have limited options when it comes to investing or saving their capital. We are the first service of our kind targeting this sector, so we expect to disrupt the industry for the best ." said Carlos Torres Chief Executive Officer of Coinamex SAPI de CV. 

Finally, he added,

“We are expecting a high demand, so we have prepared our infrastructure accordingly. Users can rest assured they will have the best experience in our platform ”. 

About Coinamex SAPI de CV

Coinamex is a mexican startup focused on developing Bitcoin and Fintech related services.

Foxabit will be the first service launched by the company with the objective of making Bitcoin and money exchange as easy as possible. Later this year, Coinamex will be targeting more advanced users and investors when they launch the first Bitcoin exchange in Latin America with Margin Trading and Futures.

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