XMLGold Launches Instant Bank Transfer For Buying Bitcoin

XMLGold Launches Instant Bank Transfer For Buying Bitcoin

Established in 2000, Digital Currency trading platform XMLGold is pleased to announce a new Instant Bank Transfer service for clients wishing to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

XMLGold, the cryptocurrency exchange services provider, is famous for its reliable attitude to every customer and every transaction. It provides customers many interesting and very useful services. XMLGold clients can buy and sell Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency withdraw their earned money to their bank card and so on. Moreover, XMLGold clients can now use instant money transfer service launched together with Online Bank Transfer in November 2015.

This service gives customers the chance to buy Bitcoin by depositing funds via instant bank transfer. Now it is available for users from Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Spain however more countries are expected to be added soon. This service is gaining popularity with users as it has many advantages among which are fast transaction processing and high level of security.

Another useful feature of the XMLGold service is MasterCard top-up. Every person who has XMLGold balance can withdraw his funds to the specially issued XMLGold Prepaid MasterCard. This service is also very popular as by now 100000 cards have already been ordered. To order and use the card the customer should just pay 15 EUR and then 2% commission for each transaction. Available currencies are USD, GBP or EUR.

About XMLGold

Founded in the year 2000, XMLGold has established a reputation as a reliable partner in the digital currency market. All transactions are protected with SSL 256-bit encryption.

To learn more please go to: http://xmlgold.eu/


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