First Request Escrow To Launch New Smartphone App

First Request Escrow To Launch New Smartphone App

First Request Escrow, the leading Hong Kong-based online escrow service announces today that, it is to launch a new smartphone app that parties using its comprehensive suite of services can use to manage transactions being processed by the company.

It will be available to download on Google’s Play and Apple’s App Store from March 31st 2016 and will offer fast login through the company’s website and enables users to keep up to date with the progress of each transaction from the convenience of their Apple or Android device.

The app will offer highly-secure access to documentation, provide access to commission instructions and will give users the ability to link escrow events to the calendar applications on their devices too.

“We decided to launch the app in response to increasing demand from busy users who sell large ticket items like real estate or vehicles or those who run online businesses on platforms like the Alibaba platforms like Taobao and Tmall but need the extra security that services like PayPal or Alipay can’t provide,” explained Andrew Keogh, First Request Escrow’s Chief Operating Officer.

First Request Escrow says that the app will allow greater transparency and more convenience between buyers and sellers while also permitting real-time contact with the escrow officer dealing with their specific transaction.

“The new app will also be the first escrow app to integrate the convenience of Bitcoin for transactions which we begin accepting tomorrow. It will enable seamless linking of the user’s Bitcoin account to the transaction thereby simplifying the ease of use for the mobile user,” explained Keogh.

About First Request Escrow

First Request Escrow was founded in 2004 by a highly skilled group of lawyers, financial advisors and analysts. Between us we have accumulated years of experience in the escrow, legal and financial industry and acknowledged a rising demand for an independent Hong Kong based escrow service.

After more than a decade in the industry, we have gained an extensive network of intermediaries and professionals in addition to an international presence providing escrow services in a multitude of currencies including sterling, dollar and euro escrow accounts. All funds are held in an internationally recognised and independently rated banks thus ensuring financial safekeeping for all of the First Request Escrow accounts.

First Request Escrow:

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