World’s Leading Bitcoin Marketplace and Auction Site CryptoThrift Rebrands to ’Bitify’

World’s Leading Bitcoin Marketplace and Auction Site CryptoThrift Rebrands to ’Bitify’

Credited as the number one Bitcoin and Litecoin marketplace on the web CryptoThrift has rebranded to Bitify has over 50 000 users and has processed over $2.5 million through its escrow service.

Australian based Bitcoin and Litecoin marketplace and auction site for new and used items CryptoThrift has rebranded to Bitify. The platform has achieved continual growth since it began trading two years ago, with over 200% organic growth in the last 12 months alone. The site boasts nearly 50,000 users and several thousand items are currently listed for sale. Bitify has also processed over USD $2.5m through its escrow service, making it one of the most widely used and trusted escrow services in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The founders believed that the rebranding was necessary to help the site reach a wider audience, and to better represent the site’s intention as a portal for both individuals and small businesses to sell new and used items. Returning customers and merchants that visit will be automatically redirected to effective immediately.

More information on the rebranding can be found at

The popular marketplace lists a diverse range of products from computer hardware and software, digital games, and gift cards to motor cars, real estate, gold, and silver. Bitify is proud to have hosted several charity auctions, from the Ten Trillion Zimbabwean dollar bill signed by Bitcoin guru Andreas Antonopoulos, to the very recent Direct Relief fund raising campaign in partnership with SatoshiLabs.


Bitify is a bootstrap business, having received no capital investment so far. However the founders are now seeking external investment in order to fund the development of several new key features. Amongst these are plans to introduce customisable “store fronts” in order to target power sellers and small businesses.

Bitify is based in Sydney, Australia, and is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

For more information about Bitify please visit:

City and Country Location: Sydney, Australia

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