Dewlance Now Accept Bitcoin Payments - Cheap Windows VPS Company

Dewlance Now Accept Bitcoin Payments - Cheap Windows VPS Company

Dewlance announced that they are now accepting payments in Bitcoins because their customers and visitors had demanded it. Bitcoinis a digital currency accepted by many companies.

Dewlance’s Cheap Windows VPS CEO Mr. Kunnu talked to us via phone about his decision to implement Bitcoin. In a meeting, which was held in the Hotel City Park in Delhi, CEO Mr. Kunnu and MD decided to accept this new type of payment. In a presentation he pointed out that there was a 36.2% increase in demand for the implementation of Bitcoin during the last three months and mentioned the high popularity of this type of currency among customers. As a consequence, The CEO & MD as well as some other shareholders agreed to accept Bitcoins.

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About Dewlance

Dewlance is a hosting company headquartered in Delhi, which was founded in 2009. They are a hosting company that has been operating for more than six years and focus on Shared Hosting as well as Windows/Linux VPS Plans.

The CEO of Dewlance Informed us that as many as 20.76% customers who use other payment gateways have already switched to Bitcoin. Recently they received 300+ orders, 136 of which were paid via Bitcoin.

Dewlance is and old and reputed hosting company. They do not charge penalty fees on late over-due invoices and are also known to issue quick refunds with a 30 day money back guarantee. Their VPSs are also fast. Dewlance give priority to good customer service. Their main products are the Windows Virtual Private Servers and the Reseller Hosting.

They maintain servers in Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix and these four locations are also used for hosting VPSs. Shared hosting servers are located in Phoenix, Canada, UK and Buffalo NY. The VPS server hardware is SSD-based and the disks are configured with RAID10 arrays.

I think that this is the era of Bitcoin because their fees are lower than that of most other payment gateway providers and there is no need for providing and ID identification for the creation of a Bitcoin account. Anyone is allowed to open such an account from anywhere.


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