Introducing Carbon Wallet

Introducing Carbon Wallet

Carbon Wallet, a new service seeking to be the next great innovation in secure online wallets, is launching today. Currently, there are two major types of online wallet: server-side controlled wallets and client-side controlled wallets. In a server-side wallet (eg. Coinbase), the actual wallet is controlled by a server which independently maintains all....

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Universal Protocol Alliance introduces tradable carbon token

“Combine a digital asset with a rainforest carbon offset and give everyone in the world access." An alliance of crypto firms is introducing tokenized carbon credits for individuals to offset the amount of carbon dioxide they contribute. According to a Dec. 1 announcement, the Universal Protocol Alliance, or UPA, has launched a tradable carbon token on a public blockchain. The UPA stated that crypto users can “burn” the Universal Carbon token, UPCO2, to offset their carbon footprint. However, they also have the choice of holding the tokens, or trading them like any other digital asset using....

One River Digital sees spike in demand for carbon neutral Bitcoin

After introducing a new carbon-neutral system for Bitcoin investment in April, One River Digital has already applied for a carbon-neutral BTC ETF. Institutional investors have been showing a stronger appetite for a carbon-neutral Bitcoin (BTC) investment solution by One River Digital Asset Management.One River Digital, a crypto-focused hedge fund offering exposure to Bitcoin and Ether (ETH), announced Wednesday that an “overwhelming majority of assets” in its institutional Bitcoin fund have chosen to switch to One River’s new carbon-neutrality share class.In April, the company introduced a....

Ripple To Fund The Acceleration Of Global Carbon Markets; Dedicates $100M

Ripple, the crypto solutions company shall commit $100M for the goal of carbon removal by investing in climate oriented fintech companies. The blockchain-based payments network has aimed to facilitate the acceleration of carbon removal technology in order to bring about modernization of the carbon markets. Carbon markets will let companies and individuals trade carbon credits […]

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Bitcoin! Interview With Guy Lane, CEO Of My Clean Sky

My Clean Sky, an innovative company out of Australia led by CEO Guy Lane, allows users around the world to offset their carbon emissions. Every time you drive or take a plane from point A to point B, you are creating excess carbon and contributing to global warming. In fact, every minute your computer runs, every time you download the blockchain: Carbon is emitted. Most of us have accepted this fact and don't think twice about it because not using cars, planes, or computers is not a possibility. For those whom would still like to quiet their burning conscious, My Clean Sky provides an....

Blockchain Coalition Launches Tradable Carbon Credit Token

The UPCO2 token represents a certified measure of carbon dioxide and can be traded, held or burned to offset an individual’s carbon footprint.