Ciphrex Raises $500k to Advance Multisig Wallet Offering

Ciphrex Raises $500k to Advance Multisig Wallet Offering

Cryptocurrency security firm Ciphrex has completed a successful A-Series funding round, raising $500,000 (£327,934) Six accredited investors took part in the round, according to the company, but they wished their participation to remain private. Enrique Lombrozo, co-CEO and chief operations officer, said: “We are glad to announce we’ve met our goal of raising half-a-million dollars in this initial round. We raised $300k immediately, back in October 2014, and then we raised the remaining $200k in the last few weeks. These funds will allow us to further advance, promote and expand our line....

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Multisig Wallet Security on the Rise, Protecting 13% of Bitcoin Today

Today, 13% of Bitcoin is protected by multisig technology. A growing minority of Bitcoin users employ a multi-signature wallet, which uses more than one private key to access the wallet. By using this approach, wallets are much less vulnerable to security breaches, as no single party possesses all the information necessary to decrypt the wallet. Princeton professor Arvind Narayanan tweeted about the significance of the multisig uptick: More cryptocurrency wallets offering multisig support. More Bitcoin wallet providers have recently enabled multisig functionality, as it seems to be headed....

BitPay's Multisig Wallet 'Copay' to Leave Beta Today

Bitcoin payments processor BitPay has announced that Copay, its multisig bitcoin wallet, is set to leave beta today. Copay, originally known as Cosign, aims to combat bitcoin wallet thefts by offering customisable security for businesses and individuals. Like other multisig products, a predetermined number of parties must 'sign off' each Copay transaction before it is broadcast to the bitcoin network. The app, which has been in development for over a year, is fully open-source and able to be

What's Next for Bitcoin Wallet Security?

Times have been busy in the bitcoin wallet world lately. Two hardware wallets - Trezor and BTChip - have finally shipped, and wallet security continues to mature. In spite of all this, though, people who should know better are still being robbed because they fail to add more protection to their bitcoin holdings. To tackle the issue of bitcoin wallet vulnerabilities, it's important to look at the security protections that are currently available for wallets, and to explore what work still needs to be done in the future. Multisig. 2014 was to be the year of multiple signatures (multisig),....

Bitnation decides to begin its crowd sale now and set up a multisig later.

Bitnation decides to begin its crowd sale now and set up a multisig later. Revealed on October 28th in an interview with Bitnation leadership, Bitnation begins its crowdsale before setting up a multisig wallet. The funds are going to a single key address owned by Bitnation CEO Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof. Tempelhof was interviewed by Andreas Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, and Adam Levine from the Let’s Talk Bitcoin (LTB) team in Episode #157. Andreas and Stephanie asked why Bitnation chose not to set up a multisig wallet for securely managing company funds, and instead launched their....

Multisig Setup Saves Bitcoin Stack from Home Burglary

Even though burglars managed to steal the victim’s hardware wallet, his funds were still safe because of his multisig setup.