Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 20/1/2015

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 20/1/2015

The price of bitcoin continued moving sideways today, oscillating between $204 and $214. Earlier today, the price of bitcoin recorded a low of around $203, before bouncing back to $214 during the following hour. Since the 18th of January, the price of bitcoin has been moving sideways, which reflects the market's attempt to correct the price, yet the price will soon break out of this trend and increase as implied by the Fibonacci retracement fan plotted on the 1 day Bitcoin/USD charts (look at yesterday's analysis). By studying the Bitfinex 1 hour Bitcoin/USD charts from

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 25/12/2015 - A Quiet Christmas for Bitcoin?

The Christmas isn’t turning out to be merry for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is struggling near the overhead resistance of $465. It is now trading 1.28% lower at $450.89, raising concerns that the market participants might pull out their funds in the holiday season. As a result, several technical indicators are also showing declines. We advised in the previous Bitcoin price technical analysis Target Achieved that traders should book at least partial profits in their long positions. And for today’s analysis, we will again be using the 4-h BTC-USD price chart from BITSTAMP.

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 30/12/2015 - Surges to Near Year-End Target

Bitcoin rises more than 2 percent to $430.21, nearing our year-end target of $440. In the previous price technical analysis A No Trade Market, we mentioned that an increasing MFI often causes price appreciation, and we are witnessing just that. The question now is: Would bitcoin be able to extend the gains or will it retrace its steps? Let us try to predict this with the help of technical analysis conducted on the 240-minute BTC-USD price chart. Bitcoin is well poised to increase its duration inside the $400-440 range, at least for the next couple of sessions. There is a high probability....

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 24/8/2015 - Pessimism Rules

In the previous Bitcoin price technical analysis Rebounds, we discussed how the cryptocurrency was erasing the losses for the past week. But, the entire positivity was put to rest over the weekend as bears made a comeback and long positions were fast liquidated at the slightest hint of a pullback. Bitcoin, which is now trading at $227.93, has once again come closer to its important buying interest zone of $220-225. As the price decline has pushed the price closer to its crucial support, market participants may also be factoring in a breach of support this time, but I would recommend....

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 14/10/2015 - Target Met

Bitcoin briefly topped $250 for the first time since August 19, 2015, hitting a fresh monthly high of $250.09. We concluded the previous Bitcoin price technical analysis Retreats From Monthly Highs on a positive note saying that market participants should not be concerned about the drop and instead go long in Bitcoin near $242 for a target of $250. As can be seen, Bitcoin hit an intraday low of $242.82 before meeting the said target. Bitcoin is currently trading at $248.81, up 1.92 percent. And yes, we stand by our long call! bitcoin price chart. Below are the latest technical....

Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 12/3/2015 - Buy Now

Bullish bias is still evident in Litecoin even as the cryptocurrency fell sharply from 2.14 to 1.98. As discussed in yesterday's analysis, the recent correction in Litecoin presents to us an incredible opportunity to buy as the price structure strongly favors the bulls. Each Litecoin is currently trading at $2.05. A precise technical analysis on the 240-minute LTC/USD price chart indicates that the digital currency may have bottomed out and head higher to take out the 2015-peak eventually. Technically, Litecoin seems to be enjoying a positive undertone. Price chart and technical indicators....