Emer Blockchain Engine

Emer Blockchain Engine

The Emer Group is proud to announce the launch of its own blockchain development platform.

Emer, a leading digital currency and blockchain platform is on the cusp of launching its own fully fledged development platform; Blockchain Engine. On April 25th, 2016 the long awaited developer ecosystem will be released to the public, allowing for all businesses and developers to join the exciting world of Blockchain.

Blockchain Engine is a platform designed specifically for developers to create applications and services on the Emer blockchain. Removing the barrier of entry into the fascinating world of distributed technologies is one of the main goals of the Blockchain Engine platform. Community involvement is a key factor to success and Emer is inviting the entire industry to take part in spurring new levels of innovation. Initially, the main focus of the platform will be on the following areas of development:

- Digital rights
- Internet security
- Distributed advertising
- Censorship resistant DNS
- Proof of ownership
- Internet Of Things

“Blockchain Engine is a development driven platform allowing anyone to become part of the most functional blockchain available today for business and personal use. The blockchain community now has an easy to use environment to create innovative applications and services on the Emercoin blockchain.” – Jason Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer stated.

Emer wants to make the process of creating innovative applications and services as streamlined and easy as possible. To do this we have brought together a unique offering to the industry that truly allows for full community engagement. Beyond the obvious, there are many benefits to developing on the Emer blockchain.

- Ready-made solutions that are proven in the field and in use today
- Support from one of the top teams for blockchain innovation in the World
- Quick execution given the relatively small and optimized nature of the Emer blockchain
- Applications that can be created due to the low node requirements
- Limitless application development potential (gaming, social media, analytics, abstract and predictive markets, finance, etc)
- Quick on-boarding for developers with backgrounds in Javascript and other languages due to the simplicity of the Blockchain Engine platform

About the Emer Group

The Emer Group believes the creation of the Blockchain Engine platform will allow for the continual growth in the company, the underlying currency Emercoin and most importantly the thriving eco-system that is taking form on the Emer blockchain. With interest and consumer adoption of the currency increasing, Emer is poised to become a world leader in distributed technology solutions.

For more information on Emer and our new development platofrm please visit: http://emercoin.com/ and http://BlockchainEngine.org/

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