SpaceBTC Bitcoin Exchange has launched its service for traders

SpaceBTC Bitcoin Exchange has launched its service for traders

SpaceBTC, a European Bitcoin exchange 3.0 based in London, UK, has been launched. The service consists of valuable trading features, allowing you not only to exchange BTC to fiat, but also to benefit from its trading potential.

SpaceBTC is a compliant marketplace with adopted AML/KYC policies. Yet everyone can start trading without tedious wait for verification.

The Leverage and Short sales are for free, without any additional fees. The matching engine is one of the fastest you can find on the market. Thanks to decent liquidity, SpaceBTC offers tightest spreads available. Institutional clients can access market directly via FIX Bridge, which is uncommon among many other crypto trading platforms. The trading terminal is one of the most convenient ones on the market and transaction processing is being executed faster than ever.

Of the company’s launch, SpaceBTC CEO Denis Donin said:

“We’re proud to finally present our service to the Bitcoin community. It has been over a year of an active development process, but all the efforts have paid off, as there has been loads of positive feedback from our customers and partners after the launch.”

And the plans for the future?

“We’re excited to say that it’s only a matter of days until we launch Ethereum trading as well. In bigger picture, we want to bring our service to as many users as possible, therefore we are considering penetration to new markets. Our vision involves becoming a trading multiplatform, offering instruments beyond cryptocurrencies.”

If you don’t have your SpaceBTC account yet, sign up and enjoy 0% trading fees promo period until July 15th. You can also spread a word about SpaceBTC and earn 40% of all your affiliate trading fees.


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