Ethereum Trading Launched on SpaceBTC Trading Platform

Ethereum Trading Launched on SpaceBTC Trading Platform

With Ethereum growing in marketcap and popularity, still more people are seeking for the possibilities to trade Ethers with fiat currencies. As a result of that, SpaceBTC came up with a reaction and has launched ETH/EUR trading pair.

Traders are from now on able to apply advanced trading features on their Ethers trading. The Leverage and Short sales are for free, without any additional fees. The matching engine is one of the fastest you can find on the market. Thanks to decent liquidity, SpaceBTC offers tightest spreads available. Institutional clients can access market directly via FIX Bridge, which is uncommon among many other crypto trading platforms. The trading terminal is one of the most convenient ones on the market and transaction processing is being executed faster than ever.

For those who need only to quickly exchange Ethers, SpaceBTC offers simple trades executed within few seconds.

SpaceBTC is a European advanced trading platform headquartered in London. The company behind SpaceBTC is PAX ROMANA GROUP LTD, incorporated in England & Wales on 20th November 2015. The international team is located in London, Moscow and Seville.

If you’re interested in partnering with SpaceBTC, you can spread a word and earn 40% of all your affiliate trading fees.

For additional details, visit SpaceBTC:

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