Bitcoin Binary Options Trading Platform Opens For Trading – World First

Bitcoin Binary Options Trading Platform Opens For Trading – World First

For the Bitcoin community 2013 has been a wild year of erratic fluctuations and massive growth. While the market capitalization of Bitcoin has grown tenfold and millions of dollars worth of new investments made, the Bitcoin merchant economy has only seen a fraction of that growth. This suggests that many are buying Bitcoin and trading them speculatively: enjoying the volatility and potentially high profits available by trading in the cryptocurrency. Capitalizing on this trend is recently launched BTCLevels; the first dedicated Bitcoin binary options trading platform, enabling anyone worldwide to open long or short positions and speculate and potentially profit on volatile Bitcoin price movements.

The BTCLevels trading page provides the user with up-to-date news and trading information; taking as much guess work out of opening a position as possible. Taking its listings and prices directly from MtGox in real time also means that the user gets an absolutely fair opportunity to make the smartest trade possible. The binary options expire every 3 minutes and are displayed on a rolling graph that can be set according to your preferred time periods – ranging from between 1 minute to a week. Designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, opening positions on BTCLevels is done in two clicks and requires no registration. Although registration is available to those users who seek facilitated functionality and a better user experience. is where “you can make money completely hassle-free by forecasting short-term Bitcoin exchange rate fluctuations” and given the abundance of traders worldwide who enjoy speculating on the volatility of Bitcoin price permutations, BTCLevels is sure to be a lucrative start-up and one to keep an eye on.

As the first Bitcoin-only binary options trading platform to be released, BTCLevels is poised to become a hit with the countless Bitcoin speculators looking to expand the professional trading instruments at their disposal.

To open a position or for more information about BTCLevels visit:

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