Blockchain Technology and Finance Powerhouses Join Forces in DC

Blockchain Technology and Finance Powerhouses Join Forces in DC

Microsoft, USAA, Bloq & Symbiont Announce Executive Membership in the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce has added leading blockchain technology and financial services companies into the Chamber's Executive Committee membership -- expanding the Chamber's expertise into financial services, smart contracts and enterprise software.

As blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are reimagining finance and global commerce, concerted efforts in education and advocacy towards lawmakers are necessary for continued growth and innovation. 

Marley Gray, Director BizDev & Strategy for Blockchain at Microsoft, said,

"Microsoft is thrilled to join the Chamber of Digital Commerce. We firmly believe industry collaborations are critical to bringing distributed ledger technology to market. The work of the Chamber will advance distributed ledger technology in a thoughtful, pragmatic way."

Matthew Roszak, Co-Founder and Chairman, Bloq, said,

"Through my experience in working in technology and finance, engagement with public policymakers is critical for industry growth and success. Bloq is leading the industry's efforts in enterprise grade blockchain software and we're proud to be an Executive Committee member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and help shape the policy dialogue in Washington, DC."

Mark Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Symbiont, said,

"The Chamber of Digital Commerce will play an important role in maximizing the benefits of distributed ledger and smart contract technologies and their transformative possibilities. Without accomplished advocates for forward-looking policy, they will always be limited."

Perianne Boring, Founder and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce, said,

"Market leading companies continue to enter the blockchain ecosystem at an unprecedented pace -- further underlining the importance and potential of this transformative technology -- and they quickly realize that education and advocacy efforts are mission-critical to the success of this industry's future. We welcome Microsoft, USAA, Bloq and Symbiont, and their innovative teams to the Chamber of Digital Commerce and look forward to driving blockchain and distributed ledger technology forward in DC, and beyond."

The Chamber of Digital Commerce represents the world's leading innovators, operators and investors in the digital asset and blockchain technology ecosystem, including start-ups, software companies, global IT consultancies, financial institutions and investment firms. Membership is open to all those committed to supporting and expanding this thriving community.

About the Chamber of Digital Commerce

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is the world's leading trade association dedicated to promoting the understanding, acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain technology.

For more information about the Chamber of Digital Commerce visit:

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