Announcing Distributed: Heath, the First Blockchain Conference Exclusively Addressing Health Care Applications

Announcing Distributed: Heath, the First Blockchain Conference Exclusively Addressing Health Care Applications

BTC Media, a leading digital currency and blockchain-focused media group, announces its inaugural health care blockchain event, Distributed: Health, to be held in Nashville, Tennessee on September 7, 2016.

The conference will be held in Nashville’s downtown Symphony Center.

A 24-hour Hackathon preceding the event will host teams from around the world, competing to build the best new blockchain health care application.

“For the last three years we have seen blockchain technology embraced by the banking world as it has sought to solve core problems with trust, interoperability and efficiency,” said BTC Media CEO David Bailey.

“Those same pain points exist in health care. The transparency, shared infrastructure and efficiency offered by distributed ledgers won’t just help corporate earnings--they will help save people’s lives.”

Distributed: Health speakers and panelists will represent large enterprise innovators as well as tech startups who will not only conceptualize but demo new health care applications in development.

“Blockchain technology addresses impossible problems by connecting entire industries to shared infrastructure, which allows participants to exchange data with strong guarantees around confidentiality and integrity,” said Micah Winkelspecht, CEO and founder of Gem, who recently launched Gem Health for blockchains and health care and will be a conference sponsor.

“There’s a clear opportunity for this infrastructure to shorten and optimize revenue cycles, ensure continuity of medical data and establish global health identifiers.”

Nashville was chosen for the event based on its central importance as a U.S. health care capital. The city is home to industry giants and leading innovators, with one in eight Nashville employees working in the health care industry. “This is an effort that must be built in collaboration with the industry, and that means starting in Nashville,” Winkelspecht said.

Distributed: Health attendees will include professionals from major health care providers and leading industry startups as well as insurers, medical suppliers, manufacturers, developers and academic and policy groups worldwide.

“After a great deal of research, we are convinced that blockchains are a tool that can offer real cost savings and efficiency gains to the health care industry,” said Josh Rosenblatt, Principal at Blackline Payments Advisors, another sponsor of the event.

“Nashville is the epicenter for many of the health care companies that stand to gain the most. This conference should kickstart that conversation, allowing companies to learn what blockchains are, and why their corner of the industry should care.”

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Headquartered in Nashville, BTC Media LLC is the publisher of Distributed, Bitcoin Magazine and yBitcoin. BTC Media is the world’s largest provider of multimedia educational and informational resources about the digital currency and blockchain industries.

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