Distributed: Trade Blockchain Hackathon Will Offer $25k in Prizes

Distributed: Trade Blockchain Hackathon Will Offer $25k in Prizes

BTC Media and SixThirty announce a 24-hour blockchain Hackathon to be held in St. Louis, Missouri on June 12-13, 2016, a day in advance of the Distributed:Trade conference organized by the two companies. A total of $25,000 in prize money will be awarded at the competition, which, like the conference, will focus on blockchain applications for financial services and supply chain operations.

Competing Hackathon teams will be tasked with building applications that optimize global commerce by addressing pain points in payments, supply chain management, data security and trade finance.

The event will be held at T-REX, a world class facility in the heart of downtown St. Louis that incubates technology startups and provides resources to entrepreneurs as well as a vibrant community and working experience.

“We are excited to host this Blockchain Hackathon in partnership with SixThirty. One of T-REX’s premier resident accelerators, SixThirty is a national and international leader in finding and funding cutting-edge financial technologies. The Blockchain Hackathon is a result of great partnerships and a demonstration of T-REX’s role as a hub of technology innovation in St. Louis,” said Dr. Patricia Hagen, President of T-REX.

Of the Hackathon’s $25,000 in prize money, $20,000 will be awarded as a Grand Prize to the team who creates the most vibrant application related to the exploding opportunities for blockchain solutions in trade-related industries.

The panel of judges for the competition includes representatives of major players in the VC community as well as corporate executives and technology innovators. Represented on the panel are Blockchain Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Tally Capital along with technology executive Tom Niermann and Bitcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik.

“This competition pits teams from corporate giants, blockchain startups and the nation’s top universities against each other on a level playing field,” said BTC Media CEO David Bailey.

On the academic side, teams will include students from MIT, Harvard, Cal Berkeley, Wellesley, NYU and Washington University in St. Louis.

“The Hackathon is an amazing chance for these brilliant students and other innovators to come together and make world-changing discoveries,” said Bailey.

“People are coming here from all over the planet in search of the next big blockchain app - and someone is going to win that distinction.”

The Distributed: Trade conference is a new and exciting forum bringing the industry’s leading blockchain technology companies together with major enterprises to address how the new technology will disrupt and optimize trade networks and financial services.

In conjunction with the conference and Hackathon, BTC Media will formally launch its newest media property, Distributed, an expansion of its popular weekly blockchain technology report The Distributed Ledger (http://www.godistributed.com) into a 24-hour news portal covering enterprise-level blockchain applications. Distributed’s coverage includes capital markets, payments and financial services applications as well as blockchain news in many nonfinancial industries including supply chain management, healthcare, IoT, insurance and identity.

To register for the Hackathon or the conference, please visit: https://godistributed.com/trade/

About BTC Media

Headquartered in Nashville, BTC Media LLC is the publisher of Distributed, Bitcoin Magazine and yBitcoin. BTC Media is the world’s largest provider of multimedia educational and informational resources about the digital currency and blockchain industries.

About SixThirty

SixThirty is a St.Louis-based Financial Technology venture fund and business development accelerator.  SixThirty attracts the most innovative FinTech start-ups from across the globe, and works with like-minded corporate partners and mentors to accelerate their revenue growth.  The startups selected receive up to a $100,000 investment for a negotiated percentage of equity, hands-on mentorship and connections with the leading financial services companies in the country.

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