Web Leads Founder, Colin O’Brien, Among Winners at 2014

Web Leads Founder, Colin O’Brien, Among Winners at 2014 "Hackathon"

Web Leads founder, Colin O’Brien, recently used his web leads generation skills with the skills of other entrepreneurs, developers and investors to compete at the 2014 Money2020 “Hackathon” in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SEO leads company founder and his team won a cash prize of $5,000 for their software application called “Bitcoin Bookie.”

The hackathon was held prior to the Money2020 business conference and dispersed $125,000 in cash prizes. Teams were asked to build FinTech applications with tools from companies that included PayPal, Intuit, Blockchain, Mercury, Nymi, Modo and Feedzai, and then were given less than 48 hours to create a working application. O’Brien applied his software knowledge relating to SEO leads to help his team develop an application called “Bitcoin Bookie” for the bitcoin software integration company, Chained.

“Bitcoin Bookie” eliminates the need for a third party to process transactions involving fantasy sports players. Essentially, the program allows two people to play their match with bitcoins, which is considered the most secure and safe online betting method. Once the game is set, the bitcoins are held by an arbiter who does not hold the private keys to the funds. Ryan Smith of Chained said, “This will disrupt a huge industry.” Peter Smith of Blockchain praised the program for its “nice use case of multi sig” and “clean interface.” Bruce Parker of Modo said, “Cool transaction services. Arbiter model is cool too.”

O’Brien says he was excited to be part of the learning experience and to compete with some very talented developers and entrepreneurs. He intends to use this experience to network with other professionals and remain on the cutting edge of web leads generation technology.

About Web Leads

Founded by Colin O’Brien in 2010, Web Leads provides customers with marketing opportunities through web design, search engine optimization, mobile applications and call center leads. The Web Leads team works with clients, gathering information about their past sales history, their sales model and their customer service, and then assists clients in making changes that enable them to reach their conversion rates and achieve sales goals.

For more information about Web Leads, please visit http://www.webleadsinc.com/

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