Kraken Announces a List of New Developments regarding Mt Gox, DAO and Namecoin

Kraken Announces a List of New Developments regarding Mt Gox, DAO and Namecoin

Kraken has announced some of the major changes in the Cryptocurrency industry, including an update on Mt Gox investigation, Namecoin, and support for DAO. It is good news for the victims of Mt Gox collapse as they might be seeing their long-lost bitcoins once again. Kraken, one of the leading bitcoin exchanges has recently announced that it will be distributing bitcoin to many of those who had lost their digital currency holdings during the Mt Gox collapse. The company had announced the news few days ago in a press release. While the platform has not specified any dates for the....

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Kraken Delists Namecoin after Meager Trading Volume

Bitcoin and digital asset exchange Kraken has ceased Namecoin trading form the exchange after determining that the currency did not warrant the effort to continue support due to low trading volumes. Kraken has revealed that it will not continue to keep or support Namecoin, following an assessment of supported coins in its exchange prior to making certain technical upgrades. A blog post by Kraken explains that the exchange had to “reassess which coins were worth keeping and which would be worth the additional effort to continue to maintain.” In making the assessment, it was determined that....

Kraken Announces Lightning Integration

Global cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will integrate Lightning Network functionality to improve bitcoin deposit and withdrawal efficiency. The post Kraken Announces Lightning Integration appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Why Namecoin Didn't Take Off: A Cautionary Tale

Michael Dean is host of the Freedom Feens podcast, but more importantly, he was one of the earliest (and loudest) advocates of Namecoin as a decentralized DNS system. But according to Dean, Namecoin has not taken off as he'd hoped, nor will it ever. Why? “It's a pity, because these guys are all absolutely brilliant computer scientists, but they have zero idea how to spread something and get adoption.” Dean told CoinTelegraph where he thinks Namecoin went wrong, what developers of other crypto projects should learn from their mistakes, and his own idea of a decentralized DNS alternative.

Kraken Announces Return to USD Market, Launch of GBP Trading

Kraken has partnered with Luxembourg-based payment solution specialist PayCash to add GBP trading and reinstate USD deposits to its bitcoin exchange platform. The news comes amid an uptick in activity from the San Francisco-based startup, which announced it would begin operating in Japan by the end of October. Kraken further confirmed that clients in 28 EU member states will now have access to USD and GBP deposits, developments it characterized as being in line with its goal of becoming a leading global bitcoin exchange. The company framed the partnership as one that would help it....

Namecoin Receives Early Christmas Present - Discus Fish Donates 20,000 Namecoins for Funding

Just prior to the height of the holiday spirit, Namecoin developers got a special surprise in their wallets courtesy of not-so-secret Santa, Discus Fish. Also known as F2Pool, Discus Fish provided the developers with 20,000 Namecoins to fund a reimplementation based on mainline Bitcoin. According to the developer blog, Christmas officially came early for Namecoin. "What's more is that chief Namecoin scientist Daniel Kraft has been working so hard that the code is already usable! Indeed, Discus Fish has been using it in production for a few weeks." The code is still in the experimental....