BlockCypher Releases Ethereum Web Services to Build Applications Across Multiple Blockchains

BlockCypher Releases Ethereum Web Services to Build Applications Across Multiple Blockchains

BlockCypher becomes the first blockchain web services company to support the two largest open blockchains: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Companies building public or private blockchain applications can get started easily with BlockCypher's APIs.

Today at Exponential Finance, BlockCypher announces the availability of their Ethereum web services. They enable companies to easily build applications using the Ethereum Protocol without having to run blockchain infrastructure. With this release, BlockCypher is the first software company to offer both Ethereum and Bitcoin APIs on the same platform.

“After becoming the leading blockchain web services provider for Bitcoin, we are now doing the same for Ethereum,” says Catheryne Nicholson, BlockCypher CEO and Co-founder.

“The services we provide are compatible across all blockchains. This gives developers an easy way to develop once and support multiple of them.”

This beta release includes Ethereum account, balance, and transaction APIs. Together, they enable getting information about the Ethereum blockchain - such as height, time/hash of the latest block, balance - and building Ethereum transactions easily. Support for Ethereum on BlockCypher’s block explorer as well as more complex web services will follow shortly.

“BlockCypher’s Ethereum APIs give us the ability to deliver differentiated blockchain solutions for our clients. Integrating the capabilities of Ethereum onto a demonstrated platform and our industry experience give us the ability to offer client solutions across many blockchains.” says Eric Piscini, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and the global financial services blockchain leader.

Ethereum support deepens BlockCypher’s offering of highly differentiated web services, which include a Confidence Factor for predictive analytics on unconfirmed transactions, double-spend WebHook, Microtransaction API for on-blockchain micropayments, and a Data Endpoint to record documents on the blockchain. Information about all BlockCyphers web services are detailed at in their documentation along with examples.

Ethereum has a broad palette on which developers can build. It opens the landscape for a multitude of smart-contract capabilities. BlockCypher’s API simplifies the building of these applications.

"BlockCypher's dedication to customers' needs and the strength of their platform is a major benefit for us," says Bill Barhydt, CEO and Founder, Abra.

"This latest Ethereum release further demonstrates their strong commitment to reliably supporting any blockchain."

About BlockCypher

BlockCypher is the leading blockchain web services company. Their web services enable blockchain applications to be built easily. BlockCypher takes care of the complexity of building and running blockchain infrastructure so companies can focus on their business applications. BlockCypher is blockchain agnostic and runs multiple blockchains - open and private - on the same infrastructure.

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