Bitaccess Extends Instant Bitcoin Purchases to nearly 1,000 Locations in the US.

Bitaccess Extends Instant Bitcoin Purchases to nearly 1,000 Locations in the US.

Bitaccess is excited to announce the expansion of bitcoin sales to hundred of storefronts in select states across the US.

Bitaccess customers can now buy bitcoin with cash by sending a bill payment directly to Bitaccess. This is now available at nearly 1,000 retail locations in California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Georgia.

Buying bitcoin instantly with the Bitaccess bill payment option is like paying any other bill. After creating an order online directly at the website, users are provided an invoice ID to present at the nearest bill pay location. Once payment is made, bitcoin will be sent directly to your personal wallet within 60 seconds.

In just 3 steps, anyone can buy bitcoin instantly:

1. Create an order online to buy bitcoin at

2. Choose a BTM, bill pay, or voucher location to make payment.

3. Ask the merchant to make a cash bill payment directly to Bitaccess. Bitcoin is deposited in seconds.

This service allows users to buy up to $2,000 worth of bitcoin in a single day. This makes Bitaccess one of the most accessible bitcoin sellers in the world, opening up cash payments through its trademark BTM, top up vouchers, and bill payments to over 100 million people worldwide.


Bitaccess's mission is to provide people and businesses around the world with access to the future digital money technology. The company has installed Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) in half a dozen countries. Bitaccess is developing digital currency technologies that are secure, accessible and easy-to-use.


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