Bitcoin Consolidation Continues

Bitcoin Consolidation Continues

Bitcoin has been held back by the same arc of resistance now for the past 4 days. Readers of my last column will recall that 2 days ago I posted a chart which demonstrated that the 2 arc of the 5th pair was resisting. Though I have hypothesized that an eventual close above the arc is likely in the cards, that arc has not been defeated by the bulls yet. Here is a close-up of this 8-hour chart, so you can more easily see how the 2nd arc has been the key resistance for 4 days now: So, will we see higher highs in the days to come? I continue to believe so, but we still don’t have a buy signal....

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Market Chooses Consolidation

Bitcoin price continues trading into a narrowing range and the market seems to have foregone decline in favor of consolidation. The consolidation floor and expectations going forward are discussed below. Yesterday’s analysis stated that, barring a bullish resurgence, the 1-hour chart stochastics imply bearish bias. The hope was expressed that, if decline sets in, it will be contained above $500. Well, today’s chart saw price decline according to the stochastic indication and, additionally, it appears that the correction since the June high has reached a consolidation floor at Bitstamp $600....

The Bitcoin Price Consolidation Continues

Although we are experiencing stagnation, there are indications that it may be coming to an end.

Bitcoin Price At The Final Slump?

Bitcoin price continues slumping as the smaller timeframe chart indicators continue to swing wildly. The chart signals are mixed. The 1hr chart’s indicators have become meaningless as the range of price narrows during apparent ongoing consolidation. The 1hr chart is, therefore, not anything to go by. At the 4hr timeframe (above) we’ve just had a series of five advancing waves fall away from yesterday’s high. Price is still below the 4hr 200MA (at the red arrow) and the 4hr stochastics (top, blue circle) are falling away from their maximum. A low will, conceivably, only be struck when the....

Wall Street Accumulation of Bitcoin Continues Despite Consolidation

BTC continues to be accumulated by Grayscale, a leading digital asset fund manager. It was noted that the firm’s leading Bitcoin Trust added 12,319 BTC to its coffers in a single day. Bitcoin Continues to Be Accumulated by Grayscale Bitcoin continues to be accumulated by Grayscale, a leading digital asset fund manager. Kevin Rooke, a technology analyst, noted that “Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust just added 12,319 BTC to $GBTC in a single day. That’s more than […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Consolidation Before Break-Out

The Bitstamp exchange chart's Bitcoin trading range has narrowed to between $471 and $478. This $7 range has been in effect for almost 36 hours and is a sign that a market consolidation is underway. Update 16h30 UTC. This update was posted after publication of the main article which continues below. Price has launched out of the consolidation area after a gentle start. As described below, trade has paused at the weekly pivot level near $492 and should move sideways-to-down while the market mulls its next move. $493 is the current level of the 200-period moving average and trade breaking....