Ethereum Price Trends (ETH and ETC, Week of Jan. 30)

Ethereum Price Trends (ETH and ETC, Week of Jan. 30)

Ether’s correction towards the upward trend is nearing its end. A fortification near $10.5 is indicative of the bulls’ strength. Will the growth continue? Ethereum. The key line at $10.5 has come into play several times already. In the beginning of January, that mark was profitable for the sellers. The price has formed a flat there, which was followed by a fall. After that, a period of growth came, as well as another rebound from the $10.5 mark. After an upward break through that resistance, the price of Ether has started fortifying beyond that level. The basis for all key levels is....

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While bitcoin, non-fungible token (NFT) assets, ethereum, and cryptocurrencies had an incredible year in 2021, none of the trends made it into Google’s “Year in Search” review. Currently, interest in bitcoin, in terms of Google searches has dropped considerably since the week of May 16th through the 22nd of last year. Search trends for the term “bitcoin” have slid 72% since it scored the highest score of 100 last May to today’s score of 28. Worldwide Search Queries for ‘Bitcoin,’ ‘Ethereum,’ and....

Altcoins Price Analysis (Week of May 29th): Ethereum, Litecoin and DASH

The past week waas a week of altcoin trends. Will the current trends continue, or are they going to turn about? ETH/USD. Ethereum has reached the minimal target of the medium-term correction. Trading on that level can provoke a continued fall of Ethereum’s price. Ethereum’s price is at a key level, where the downward movement can be disrupted. In case of a rebound from $12.2 followed by a return to $11, Ethereum has a chance to continue its downward trend. For an extra confimation, Ethereum’s price has to stop at the level of $11, which will display the lack of sufficient support from the....

Further Trends on Altcoin Markets: Litecoin, DASH, ETH

Which resistance levels will be decisive for the weekly LTC/USD, ETH/USD and DASH/USD trends? It’ll be those, where the trends are most likely to change direction. One of the predicted scenarios of Litecoin’s price development has played out during this week. $3.25 was a key resistance level, which was broken through and then held by the sellers, after which the price formed a downward trend. Currently the weekly trend is heading downward. The LTC/USD price is recoiling after a downward trend.

3 Trends Show Ethereum Is On Track For Strong Growth in 2021

Ethereum has undergone a strong drop from its year-to-date highs at $490. The coin currently trades for $375, around 25% below those highs. At the worst of the correction last month, the coin was down even further. Ethereum remains bullish on a long-term basis as long-term trends favor bulls, analysts say. One trader recently shared a chart indicating that both the technicals and fundamentals favor bulls. Three Ethereum Trends Suggest the Coin Is Primed to […]

Ethereum (ETH) Price Trends: 4/25/2016

Ethereum’s price has formed a flat. It may provoke a short-term trend when it leaves the corridor. Which direction will Ethereum choose? The downward trend on Ethereum’s market is not broken yet. The price is moving within a flat, preparing for another dash. If the downward trend is to continue, there will be a bounce off that point, but if the bulls hold the advantage, Ethereum’s price will start fortifying at that level. The change of trends is most likely to happen at the top limit of the trend, which is at the level of $8.4.