New Record For Bitcoin Lightning Network As Adoption Grows

New Record For Bitcoin Lightning Network As Adoption Grows

Bitcoin lightning network has now hit a record high. With the recent bull rally and adoption taking place in the year, the need for the lightning network has grown. This has led to massive growth for the network. Liquidity in the lightning network has hit multiple all-time highs this year and this is just another addition to that list. Facilitating fast, efficient, and cheap transactions have been the driving force behind the success of the network. The all-time highs being hit this year show that adoption is growing and it represents a crucial lift-off point for the digital asset going....

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Bitcoin’s second layer payment protocol Lightning Network has been expanding unnoticed by most users. First proposed in 2015 and launched in 2018 as a beta, its adoption and capacity have accelerated during the past few months. The Lightning Network allows users to send fast and low-cost transactions via payment channels. Unlike the Bitcoin-based layer, lightning […]

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Throughout the early part of this year, the Lightning Network (LN) has seen massive growth and continued adoption from the Bitcoin community. Just yesterday, Lightning Network saw it’s capacity surge to over 1500 BTC. This uptick in activity and adoption shows that users are confident in the ability to make transactions off-chain securely through the […]

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This week, the Lightning Network set a new record that demonstrates its growing popularity and utility. The post With TVL At New Record, The Lightning Network’s Time Has Come appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

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The Lightning Network is one of the most bullish developments that the Bitcoin ecosystem has seen so far. And all the available metrics point up, a healthy and vibrant network is brewing. However, investor Kevin Rooke took a deeper look and found out that the Lightning Network is probably even bigger than previously thought. “Inaccurate comparisons and privacy preserving features make it hard to truly understand how big the Lightning Network is.” Related Reading | Bitcoin Lightning Network Reaches Record Capacity What does Rooke mean by that? Let’s find out. The Lightning Network By....