Cardano Founder Says Yes, This Is A Bear Market

Cardano Founder Says Yes, This Is A Bear Market

The crypto market has taken a beating recently and Cardano has been one of the worst-hit digital assets. This has sparked fear across the market where investors are lamenting that the crypto space is finally headed into another bull market. Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has taken to addressing these bear market concerns, or rather, confirming […]

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How Long Will The CryptoWinter Last? Cardano Founder Provides Answers

It is evident that the market has now officially welcomed a cryptowinter. The market prices of various digital assets show this. However, as is expected, investors in the space are wondering how long this cryptowinter is expected to last. Goin by previous markets, it could be that the market is in for the long haul but Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has provided his thoughts on how long he believes the bear will stay. Prepare For Months Of Cryptowiner With the price of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Cardano down, speculations abound about when the bottom of the market will....

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The crypto market has not been in the best of places recently and Cardano (ADA) has been feeling the heat especially hot lately. The digital asset which remains one of the popular and largest by market cap has had a hard run of it lately, pushing it further into the bear territory. As ADA continues on this trend of low momentum, hot on the heels of the market decline, indicators have proven to not be in the favor of the token’s value. Market Declines By $80 Billion During the weekend, the market had suffered consistent dips. Following the price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, most....

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The Cardano Vasil hard fork has now experienced its second delay in the last two months. This upgrade is important to the network’s growth, and as always, Cardano developers continue to stay true to form by only shipping out safe products. The second delay was announced at the end of July, and founder Charles Hoskinson […]

Ethereum Co-Founder Has His Doubts Over Cardano’s “Scientific Method”

Much has been said about the rivalry between Ethereum and Cardano. The issue is compounded by Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson having had a hand in Ethereum’s early days. Some say Cardano’s design and philosophy are based upon improving the weaknesses Hoskinson identified during his time there. In particular, the slow and steady ethos, as well […]