Cardano Is The Most Held Crypto In A Bear Market, Survey Shows

Cardano Is The Most Held Crypto In A Bear Market, Survey Shows

Cardano is showing some toughness in a time when its peers are just about to crack under pressure. The bear market is hammering the cryptocurrency market, with the majority of cryptocurrencies now trading at prices not seen since the middle of last year. However, this decline has created an opportunity for crypto investors to purchase […]

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Cardano Founder Says Yes, This Is A Bear Market

The crypto market has taken a beating recently and Cardano has been one of the worst-hit digital assets. This has sparked fear across the market where investors are lamenting that the crypto space is finally headed into another bull market. Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has taken to addressing these bear market concerns, or rather, confirming […]

Bear Market What? Bank of America Study Shows Interest In Crypto Remains Strong

The bear market is making things difficult for most stakeholders in the crypto industry, but a recent survey by the Bank of America shows that despite the pain, people’s interest in crypto and digital assets remains high. On Tuesday, Bank of America Global Research released a study detailing the findings of their “inaugural crypto/digital asset […]

Market Nosedive Sends Cardano (ADA) Deeper Into Bear Territory

The crypto market has not been in the best of places recently and Cardano (ADA) has been feeling the heat especially hot lately. The digital asset which remains one of the popular and largest by market cap has had a hard run of it lately, pushing it further into the bear territory. As ADA continues on this trend of low momentum, hot on the heels of the market decline, indicators have proven to not be in the favor of the token’s value. Market Declines By $80 Billion During the weekend, the market had suffered consistent dips. Following the price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, most....

62% of wallets did not sell Bitcoin for a year amid the bear market: Data

Majority of traders have held Bitcoin for one year and above, 32% held for BTC one month up to a year and 6% have held for less than a month, data reveals. Despite the uncertainties brought about by the bear market, on-chain metrics show that the majority of Bitcoin (BTC) traders have been using a very simple trading strategy for more than a year: hodling. According to data from the trading analysis platform TipRanks, while on-chain signals remain bearish for BTC, 62% of wallets have held BTC for one year and above. On the other hand, 32% of wallets are shown to have held for a month up to....

Survey Shows 64% of Britons Believe Crypto Is ‘Not a Safe Investment,’ Respon...

While there’s a lot of hype surrounding digital currencies like bitcoin, a great number of people are still confused by the crypto economy and the myriad crypto assets that exist. One study shows that some people think Ethereum is a drug, while others think Cardano is a cheese. Traders of Crypto Surveys Hundreds of Britons, Researchers Parse 12 Months of Crypto Query Data A recent study published by the researchers at combed through the most-searched questions that could be entered into Google Keyword Planner in order “to discover how many searches each....