Analyst: Bitcoin Stability Could Help Launch Altcoins Higher in Q4

Analyst: Bitcoin Stability Could Help Launch Altcoins Higher in Q4

Bitcoin’s price action has been creating significant fear amongst investors, with analysts and traders widely expecting it to see downside once its ongoing consolidation phase ends. This fear is clearly seen while looking towards BTC’s funding rates, which are extremely negative at the moment as demand for short positions rockets higher. Much of this sentiment […]

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Altcoins have been moving significantly higher throughout the past few days and weeks, with the DeFi sector, in particular, seeing some immense momentum This comes after a multi-month phase of losses that altcoins faced, with those residing within the DeFi sector being struck particularly hard by this Ethereum’s recent explosive rally higher, however, helped put a firm end to this trend The cryptocurrency did see a retrace last night, however, and it is once again […]

Crypto Analyst: Altcoins To “Tank” While Bitcoin Runs For All-Time High

Bitcoin price exploded yesterday, sending altcoins reeling. Today, however, alts have recovered but still haven’t caught up to the top cryptocurrency. One crypto analyst, comparing past market cycles, believes that altcoins are going to “tank” against Bitcoin, taking them to the maximum point of financial opportunity. After the violent shakeout last time around, altcoins rocketed […]

Top Analyst Explains Why Ethereum Could Outperform Bitcoin This Cycle

Ethereum has strongly underperformed Bitcoin over the past two weeks. As BTC has shot around 20% higher in the past 10 days alone, ETH has gained approximately 8%. This trend is not isolated: almost all leading altcoins are underperforming Bitcoin. The severity of BTC’s spike to the upside has compressed gains in altcoins as all […]

Analyst: Recent Bitcoin Consolidation Suggests Move Past $40k is Imminent

Bitcoin has pushed higher over the past day, which comes at a time where most major altcoins are all seeing immense upwards momentum Where the market trends next will undoubtedly depend on whether or not BTC and ETH can remain stable or continue climbing higher While sharing his thoughts on where the crypto might trend […]

Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin’s Reversal to $10k Thinks $16k Is Next

Bitcoin could rocket even higher in the near to medium term. One analyst believes that $16,000 is in sight after BTC managed to flip $10,000 into support. The analyst who made this assertion is the same one that predicted BTC would undergo a V-shaped reversal to $10,000 by May or June. Bitcoin Could Soon Rocket Towards $16,000, Analyst Predicts Bitcoin could rocket even higher in the near to medium term, analysts argue after the coin […]