‘Crypto Winter’ Forcing Exchanges In Latin America To Sack Employees

‘Crypto Winter’ Forcing Exchanges In Latin America To Sack Employees

Approximately 90 staff have been let go by the Brazilian crypto unicorn 2TM, citing ‘Crypto Winter’ or the prolonged period of flat trading following a price collapse, sources with knowledge of the matter said. 2TM is the investment firm for Mercado Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil based on market capitalization. The layoffs represent […]

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Panamanian crypto-teller machine TigoCTM has added Dash to its roster of cryptocurrencies for sale and purchase over its network in Latin America. With a new partnership, Dash will see its partner TigoCTM, a crypto teller machine company, add the cryptocurrency to its network of ATMs that already provides bitcoin and other digital currencies to adopters and new users in Panama and Latin America. TigoCTM CEO Cindy Zimmerman sees reason for cryptocurrencies to flourish in Latin America among unbanked or underbanked users in Latin America, particularly in countries like Venezuela where....

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